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Full Version: Dr Matze Poster Illustration
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Hey guys,

this is my current baby, so please: rip it to shreds so it gets better :)

I really try to push it as far as I can with the knowledge I have atm, please help :)
Fun work! :)
As I'm not the best painter around these parts, I'll only crit the overall composition/story part of the illustration.

The ground seems flat, like plastic. Same for the environment. Is he fighting in a hangar? a secret lab? on a alien planet? There's no info about that.
If it's not important, try to tweak the ground, cause it's still weird (in my completely personal opinion) to see it empty like some sort of placeholder.
Also the main character doesn't seem to have any sort of shadows of him on the ground... Same for some monsters. (the lower right cylindric critters especially, it doesn't cast any shadow on the monster below him).

You could also tweak the value composition of the illustration. The main character and background are a little too similar in values. Plus there are some teangent lines on some monsters in the image that you could avoid.

Nice and fun work. I'm pretty sure that if you push/refine the values and some parts it will come out as a very cool image. Keep on working!
I've been looking at your work wich is very good at my opionion.
Only a few things would help it looking less flat, more alive.
[Image: 194613doc.jpg]Zimage
I did this sketch to tell you how I would see it.
- dont align every elements (or if you wanted them to be aligned) it s no good for dynamic.
-shoulders are straight, less movement.
-give cloth more life, the coat could be floating.
-be more precise on the light sources and how your characters receive it.
These are only personnal feels, someone else may have better ideas ;)
I love your monsters !