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Hey everyone,

Taking another thread's "wolf pack" idea, I'm looking for a small amount of persons to create a group of dedicated people, an elephant herd, seeking to work together.

I'm looking for likeminded, motivated people, with some middle/advanced skills to focus and work together on improving our art and taking it to the next level.

Hangouts/screensharing would occur, if not daily, at least 3 times per week, where we can focus on our personal projects, classes or common exercises. The main goal being to get help and insights from each other, aiming for career-building work, push each other forward and staying motivated and positive! :)

Elephants are steady, smart and kind creatures, and so will our group be! Being serious, positive, giving constructive critiques and mutual support is very important to be involved! Everyone will have his place, being all equals and aiming for the same goal! :)

About Me:
I'm a 24 year old woman, I live in Switzerland and after leaving my terrible art school, I started being a freelance artist last December, struggling to make it work so far and passionate about art, especially concept art and illustration.

Time zone is GMT+1.

I'm working part time, but usually free from Mon-Friday 8am-7/8pm, sometimes around on Saturdays as well.

You'll find my work here:

DA Portfolio

My Blog


Feel free to leave a comment/PM if you're interested. Write a short text about yourself and a few links to your work.

Looking forward to seeing who's motivated about this!
I've been considering starting up a group with a few buddies and/or getting together with a bunch of people here on CD to make a group with very similar goals as you described :)

My situation is fairly simple. My name is Tristan. I live in Sweden (GMT + 2:00). I'm 18 and I'm graduating high school in a week. I will have the opportunity to do whatever I want for a few years before I need to move out and that kind of stuff. No rent to pay and I can focus all day, every day on studying art (sweet deal, right?). I work part time in freelance illustration (and some concept art) doing fantasy book covers, album covers, movie posters, concept art and marketing art for games.

I'm pursuing a career in illustration and for the foreseeable future I will be doing several studies a day, every day (discipline is one of my strong sides, haha). So the ideal group for me would focus on daily studies, hard work, schedules, improvement and a goal of doing this professionally. I'm totally down for the Google Hangout thing. I've done it with a few groups and it's really fun ^^

I've got a profile on dA that you can check out for examples of my work. There is also a journal entry about starting some study group on there :)

Would be cool to hear back from ya! :)
Heya, want to push myself over summer and at uni so this looks good!

I'm in a very similar situation to Tristan, im 17, soon to be 18 and finishing school in about a week, will have the whole summer and any free time at uni to participate in getting better with other people.
Would love to get involved, my art isnt fantastic but there you go, we are all here to improve.
Anyway, my dA and sketchbook are in my comment, my featured gallery section is probably most of my recent stuff so have a look there if ya want ;)

Cheers! Hopefully speak soon :)
Wow, Wardy, your gallery is amazing! Well guys, I'd be thrilled to have you on board! :D
Hi I would like to join for summer study group maybe longer.

About Me:
I am 19 years old living in Slovakia, struggling to learn art about half a year now. Wanting to become illustrator for games or cards.

Time zone is GMT+2.

my sketchbook:
Hi, is there still a seat?

would love to hangout with some people while practicing Painting and hopefully i could improve my English in the hangouts i'm so afraid of talking in English.

I'm 23 living in Germany and want to get beeettttter.

Time zone is also GMT+2h

My skype name is nikolai.ostertag

i hope to hear from you guys.
Hi Nimao,

it seems that this group is no longer active or something. I list your stuff on DA and you are far far above my level but if you would be interesting in skype calls or building another smaller group of artist, just let me know I would go for it. But as I said I am really not good as you are so I would be much help for you.
hey Varbas

yeees we could build a small group. I just want to stay busy with art stuff. you art level doesn't matter. me helping you would also help me with my art progress i think. should we open a new thread?
Yes start new thread and we will see how many people would be interested.
I'd be interested as well, but couldn't find a new thread or something. Would appreciate it if you inform me once someone comes up with a new one.
Hi , my name is Francisco , im 19 years old and i just finished highschool , i have a gap year before i can go to college so i want to improve as much as i can , so that i can take make the best of my 1 year course that starts in june . i would say my lvl is medium/low but i can learn fast and i promise not to slow u guys down ^^ . I really want to get into a group like this because where im from i know no one that does anything like this and doing it along side others would make me evolve alot quicker and have a good time , plus u guys sound like interesting people .
GMT +1 , i have 24/7 free for art until june ( might get a part time later but dont worry about that now)
ty for your time ^^


Hi I'm Theodor,I'm 18 years old from greece(gmt+3,gmt+2(on 28th of octomber don't ask me why I don't know lol xD) ) just finished high school and I just moved in to a new house and I always wanted to join a group like that.I haven't attended any classes or anything but I have read some books(I have a ton to read but I'm not that much of a read) and watched a lot of art tutorials online(youtube or DA).I might be available from 15:00am-21:00pm week days don't know yet I'm going to make a program and this might change I'll let you guys know.

Now some things about art.I believe I'm "starter" level and I have a goal while I'm here to finish my school on tourism to practice art so I can get better.I have never joined a group of artists like this one but I would love to join you guys because I love getting to know new people :)

My blog:
Heeeeey, got room for one more? I'm UK based but I think our time zones are only around an hour apart so we can do hangouts/skype chats to swap artistic feedback. Let me know!