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Full Version: Character concept, moba-like game, C&Cs are welcome!
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Okay, so since I've found myself waiting for Blizzard's "Heroes of the Storm" release, and saw character artist Marc Brunet (from Blizzard also) do a quick tut on his youtube channel about designing and coloring a video game character concept, I thought I should have a go and do one for practice sakes...

So, here it is: A viking healer for a moba game and her skills icones. Was fun coming up with names and skills. My geeky RPG side must be showing up...

Eir the Healer, servant of Freya.
(Had fun doing some research and finding about Eir, a minor northern goddess, servant of goddess Freya, nothing much know about her apart that she was a very good healer. So here's her story.)

[Image: zdSzcvy.jpg]

So I would be happy to have some feedback about the concept, it's appeal in a moba-like videogame, anything really that could help me tend towards a practical knowledge about doing concept art for these kinds of videogame (or improving in digital painting!)
(I've read the steam guidelines about characters in dota2, was keeping this in mind while designing this character).

Also, I know that her anatomy could use some work, especially that elbow.. (I hate drawing elbows and forearms, I still can't wrap my head around the muscles there Bomb )

If you're going to have only a crow head in there, it's best to have the entire crow head, and not have it cut off at the bottom just to give the eyes more real estate, because that's what it looks like right now. Put the whole head in, and tweak the design to make the eyes the focus instead.

What do you think of playing with the idea of Hugin and Munin being part of her design? I know there's already 2 crow heads in her design, but one's a hood, and one's a staff head, their relationship is not that strong yet. Maybe a twin head staff, like the twin snakes on Hermes' staff? Also try to put more "viking" or "crow" into stuff like boots, arm-protector, pants, etc. Exploit potential places to push her identity.
that awkward moment when...
nice design! hehe that is very weird...
meat> nice idea about pushing the relationship of the character to Hugin and Munin. I'll play with these. Also the twin crow head staff is a super sool idea. Will certainly do that.

About the hood, not sure if you suggested to have only the crow-head hood, or get rid from it and have only the human head?

Wardy> yeah I saw your post after posting my image and said to myself "why we have more or less the same thing lol".
But to be honest having an totemic animal head on the helmet/hood/mask is as hold as humanity... So I guess it's only normal that the design are similar..

Thanks guys.
Yeah exactly, dw im not suggesting you ripped it or something, its kinda like i see a load of art that is almost an exact better copy of some really crappy sketches that i've been doing since I started painting. its because the same influences rub off on us, so we both saw the totemic animal skull headdress somewhere, same with the rest of it really. All that said you are pulling it off far better than I could have so kudos! I think i may give up on mine... :'(