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Full Version: samurais and monk and stuff
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I really want to push this as much as I can to put it on my portfolio.So any sort of input is welcome.My biggest gripe right not is the damn background or more precisely that empty space in the middle.If I put something there it's too much.If I don't put something there it seems empty.Im sorta at a standstill with it.
For me, you could go a bit more on details for the three guys getting ass-kicked.
The middle one looks ok. but the other two, and the guy at the top right are not detailed enough. Maybe if you dont detail them, you could give a bit more of textured brush. At my opinion we see too much round brush strokes.
For the monk, i prefer the version where we see the sky behind his head. it looks more like he is flying-jumping.
I dont have much other things to add as I could not do much better sorry :D
Great Samuri, colors and action. I messed wih the composition some.

I moved the Samuri to the right, so his head sits directly on the top right intersectiing lines of the rule of thirds. I also moved the monk to cross the left Hand thirds line, I also raised the monk a little so that the monks and the Samaria heads were not on the same plane (the heads are still close in alignment and could use some adjustment). I also wanted to bring more emphasis to the monk so I painted back the building, this as well as raising him helps define him more. A few shadows on the ground and a Samuri between the monk and the main Samuri as well as some curtains in the upper window to add interest and give you an object that you could arrange to bring even more focus to the monk.

Hope any of this helps.

It looks way better !
the petals on the ground give dynamic !
At second looks I see you copyied/pasted the first samurai to put him to the left. If I where you I would add him a difference, helmet position maybe? Could prevent from behing to much "redondant". I mean two time the exact same thing "even if you changed the saturation" can be boring.
Talking about saturation. You could bring him a bit more in front of us.
We have the feeling there is only two lines. one with the first samurai and secnd with everyone else.
By making him darker you could have a 3 line, maybe smoother way in the image.
Sorry for the technical english crappy vocabulary :)
I would defiantly change the position of the warrior in the mid ground I only copied him for speed.

Can't wit to see more.