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Hi guys,

me and a friend are running an artblog together with some other people for a while now.
We were supposed to be 5 people, but the problem is expect us, noone is posting anything. Because of that we decided to stop the current one and would like to start a new one with reliable and dedicated people.

The idea of the group is to post weekly studys and motivate each other. Every week another person is on the row to come up with a new interesting topic. So far we had topics like designing a mascot for the blog, figure drawing/painting, asaro head etc.

In addition to that we would add every 2 or 4 weeks an additional exercise where everyone can apply their studies they've done in a finished piece or concept sketch. This study is voluntary but if everyone participates in that we'd like to slowly create a little fantasy world where every member is able to can contribute something. It's only an idea atm, but we'd like to implement it for real.

The platform for this whole thing will be an artblog, most likely wordpress. In addition we'll use crimson daggers and or facebook, again depending on the members opinion. But since the current ones are on facebook and cd already we figured out it would be a good idea to stay there as well.

If you're interested be sure post me a message here and tell me your skype/facebook name so we can get in contact.

Here you can see some of Shiv0r's work. He's the other person besides me and is producing pretty badass art. Be sure to check him out! Since CGHUB doesn't exist anymore I can't show off my work here, but you can check out some of my studies on the current artblog or just message me if you want to see something.

Oh - and the blog will be in english of course, the current one is only german because there were only german members in the team.

Looking forward to get together with you guys!