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Full Version: Looking for Skype Studygroup for summer!
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Hey everyone!

My name is Chris, 24 years old, curently a VFX student located in Paris.

Summer break is approaching...classes end and I'll finally have some more time in the evening to focus on studies.

Like last summer, I'm looking for some partners to hang out on Skype, while we attack studies, help and critique each other etc.

The focus of last year's group was mostly the basics, since we were all pretty much starting out...

So this year is going to take things a bit further. The program will include the following things:

-Landscape studies, value and colour. (from memory, virtual plein airs, etc.)

-Master studies


The plan is to hang out a couple of days a week, the more the better, but no obligation. We can discuss times and days once we got a some people together.

Of course, people of every skill level are welcome to join, although if you're starting out, I suggest you focus more of fundamentals and basics :)

Of course being in a European Timezone would be an advantage, but we had American study-buddies last year, and it worked out just fine :)

Let me know if you're interested, I'd appreciate some company Here ^^

The plan is to start on July 1rst!

You can add me on Skype under 'chrispydee'

See you soon!
Hey! I would like to join to improve on my painting, but I have no digital works to show so i could add you on skype and i could try to send you my traditional work though.
sure thing. Just send a request, I'll be there^^