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Full Version: Need fresh eyes
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I realize I am pretty far on this piece but I could really use some fresh eyes on this piece. Any suggestions on light, shadow and or color would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Posted finished piece in the final work section here on Crimson Daggers.
did you still want any crit or are you happy to let it rest? nice work btw :)
Thanks Wardy,

I do believe it is time to put this to rest. But on the other side of things if you have an idea of how I could push this piece it would be a great learning experience for the next piece:)

yeah its a great piece, i see why you'd want to.
all I was going to say is that its hard to see what level the attacker is on, his fist is making a tangent with the main hulk guy's arm, which makes it seem a bit awkward. if i was me, i'd have him top right foreground jumping towards him, to make it a bit more dynamic.
that said, the rendering on this is excellent, and youve made a piece packed with energy so you should feel very happy with it. so final thought- mind tangents and maybe spread the action over more layers- all of it is happening on one plane at the moment.
hope it helps for your next piece, great work.
Great crit Wardy! I will keep that in mind on the next piece. Sometimes I feel like I need a check list.

Tangents. Check
Fore ground, middle ground, back ground. Check
Value. Check

And so on.

Thanks again Wardy, I will be sure to place the next piece up earlier for crit.