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Full Version: Art study helper site I made
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Hey all!

I'm a software developer by day, so when I wanted something to keep track of all the studies I wanted to do I put together a little website to help me keep on top of things. I've been using it for a little while now, along with a few people I know and figured some people here might find it useful.

The link:

It's kind of part todo-list, part image gallery. You pick which type of study you plan on doing (like portrait sketches, landscape sketches, master studies, etc), and how many of that study you plan on doing in the next week or month. You can then post your studies, and it keeps track of how far you are through your schedule.

You can upload images directly through the site to a connected tumblr blog (I use a private tumblr blog for it myself), just paste in a url to an image, or select one of your recent instagram images if you connect your instagram account.

I don't actually store any of your images (to keep my costs super low), or any passwords (you log in with facebook, twitter or google), there is no advertising, and I don't even have google analytics hooked up to it! I just hope it might be useful to people.

I'd really love to hear if this would be useful to people, or what I could change about it to make it more useful, or align better with how you study.

A screenshot of what it currently looks like:

Can you post any screenshots before I will give away my google/facebok/twitter account? ;)
@madzia: great point. I've added a screenshot!
The fact that I need those to use the site is an automatic "no" for me.
@psychotime Interesting. It's super easy for me to add an email/password signup form. I left them out so that you wouldn't have to trust me with any of your information, that it is all handled by other services that you trust more. If it'd make people more comfortable to have a traditional signup form I'll definitely add it.
Think about how it looks:

I make an account and assign an email to it, meaning to only thing I give out is an email address for people to mail stuff to (that I can block if there's anything annoying).


I create an account using my facebook/google/twitter as a springboard, meaning I have to give a third party my username and password to those sites in order to use theirs. No thanks.

It doesn't matter if you really don't have access to what I enter in, the fact is that it'll always look like it. It's the easiest way to con people of their personal info, and should be the first thing a person should think about in regards to internet safety.
@Psychotime Cool. I'll definitely add an email/password login box - this weekend hopefully.

It's interesting to me to hear your objections, because coming from a very technical background I'm aware that I have absolutely no access to your password.

When you click, say, the twitter button, it sends you off to twitter's website to ask for your permission. If you say yes, in twitter, it sends you back to me with a token from twitter that says you said ok. Your username and password never even pass through one of my web pages, let alone my server, which can be verified by the checking urls of those pages.

I personally choose to use such options when available to me because I don't want another insecure server holding a copy of my (hashed) password and username, waiting to hear (or worse, not hear) that it's been compromised. So I trust two or three large services to store that for me on the assumption that they'll be better at security than most small service providers, and if they have a breach that I'll definitely hear about it.

There are services that behave like you describe though, the one that comes to mind is Spotify. Those are truly dangerous, and yeah, they're just awful from a security standpoint.

I really am grateful for you explaining your reluctance though. I'll make sure to add the email/password box, and I'll try to convey better that I won't actually be asking for your passwords for other services.
Thanks for posting this!! I can't wait to try it out.
I have checked your website . It is wonderful made and useful for the student to improve their study. You need to add some information about the study like this