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Full Version: Art Study Group: ACTIVATE!!
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Well hello guys! I'm Renato and I'm looking to gather a group of people to study with and get better at art!

We could develop a system to get better at the foundations of drawing, such as anatomy, perspective, value, color, etc and still manage to apply that knowledge in order to produce some illustrations to get our portfolios rocking!

Now, like the wolfpack thread that already exists, the idea would be to gather a small amount of people with intermediate level of skills and just keep the motivation of each going, giving feedback and critiques to each other in order to make us all better artists! ^^

My time zone is +gmt, so something along those lines would be great, since it would be difficult to get together on skype or google hangouts if the time difference is too big.

So yeah, thats it! I'll be waiting for anyone who's interested and if possible, leave a link to your portfolio down there! thanks guys :)
Im interested
PM your skype adress then :)


I'd be up for this. I'll add you on Skype if that's alright? I'm still fumbling around with fundamentals but I honestly feel that's more a confidence issue most of the time. Moved on to anatomy in particular. Would love to build my confidence and just talk arty things with skilled artists like yourself. :) Should say that you are miles ahead of myself, but you can't deny my passion for art! It's your choice.
Pm your skype adress too skycakes!
hey, sounds neat, I would be interested in it as well...