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Full Version: getting a specialization?
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should you go for it all and be mediocre at everything or be super awesome in just one camp ?
character design / enviroment / texturing etc i'm wondering this because i'm the kind of guy who wants to try everything that shines but this in the long will lead me nowhere i guess, the art industry is a pretty hard camp to get into by itself if you don't concentrate on something specific you'll end up to be not so good overally ... huh i dunno or maibe i'm doing the right thing i should do traditional art, 3d, backgrounds, characters, texture and get really crazy shall i? o...O
My advice to you is do what you feel you will enjoy the most because this will result in your best work.
Commercially, it is probably true that the better you are as a generalist then it is more likely you will be useful to a project or studio pipeline as you can do more. That doesn't mean you have to try and take on everything in the bucket at once.

Perhaps narrow it down a tad to decide what to look at first? Is it illustrating and design or the 3D process you prefer? There is also nothing to say you can't do one for a bit (even years) and then switch. Personally if I wanted to do all those things (I kind of have actually, 3D first then illustration) I would go down the fundamentals of image making first (anatomy, composition, values etc) because these skills will help you out in anything to do with visual art.

If you find you are really passionate about or hating one area then totally switch tacks and go with the flow but also be aware to not be so wishy washy that you end up wafting around with no focus at all, because that is a good way to get nowhere. Remember that no decision is the be all and end all, not many choices we make are as big as we imagine them to be at the time. There is nothing to hold you back from trying out what you feel, and don't let your concept of the "art industry" skew your gut feelings, ever.

I also recommend taking a deeper look at yourself and asking yourself why you want to do creative stuff and what it is that would be the most fulfilling for you. Is it because you love the process of painting an image? Is it to create your own worlds/stories which then suggests the medium may not be a deal breaker. Is it simply to tinker with lots of different cool creative technologies as an outlet, which suggests other things. It is good to know this about yourself and is a good exercise to conduct. I find the question we concern ourselves with predominantly is "What?" but we don't spend enough time on "Why?" And this is where you will find your direction.
wow thank you so much for the reply monkey!, sometimes i really need someone else opinion on my toughts, they get me dizzy... they are so confusing i get stuck in my head often.. i hate the feeling it is like i'm chasing my tail, hugh....
as you said i'm concentrating too much on the technique, i completely lost contact with my creativity, and this is making me feel really depressed, it is like there was a period were i had great ideas but also no technique :S
so i concentrated on that for some years but i kinda lost something in the road, and now i want it back!

forgive my english i'm awful haha
and forgive me if i say that to you but your avatar is annoyng ♥ ♥ xD