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I just moved to Edinburgh and am looking for other artists to practice and hang out with. I went to a meeting on but the group's approach is too casual and I haven't been able to find any other groups, let alone any who approaches art it in a similar way to CD.

If there's anyone from Edinburgh it's be great to meet up and we can practice our painting and give each other feedback, do life drawing/painting etc. If there are a few of us then maybe we could set up a regular meetup schedule, and combine it with an online study group and do daily livestream/skype sessions, etc

We can use this thread to post resources around Edinburgh too (such as fig drawing sessions or classes).

Anyway if any of you are in Edinburgh let me know!
I'm in Glasgow, so obviously not what you're looking for and I'm not in Edinburgh too often because I'm a total cheapskake-
But as we're in the same time zone, if you want a skype buddy to trade "Are you practicing?" messages with in real time, hit me up.
Sounds good! I couldn't find your skype info, you can add me at andrewks9
If you ever come to Edinburgh let me know!
There's a Facebook group for Scottish Daggers, called Crimson Sgian-Dubh . Not sure if you guys are members already, but you should look it up if not.
Hadn't heard of it, thanks Craig. The link doesn't seem to work though.
Thank you! I also couldn't get it to work, maybe it's a secret group?
Hey, are you guys just looking for offline study buddies? Trying to look around for UK-based people to study with.
Yup. I'm personally looking for people who I can meet up with in Edinburgh.
Fair enough, I'm looking for online study buddies in the UK so probably not a match to this group then! Thanks for the reply.