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Full Version: Nat's Sketchbook
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Yes! Love seeing this kind of work ethic, super inspiring.
Woah I, was not expecting so many comments, I think this is the most action my sketchbook has had ever 8D

@smrr I am happy to be mad!! 8D

@crackedskull Thanks so much!

@Piotr Jasielski Thank you, I will try! (:

@BenFlores Ahh thank you! Gonna keep at it 8D

Welp, today was all pretty rushed, took my time over the leg studies but rushed the hands/feet. Being back at work makes my study time take a hit o.o On the plus side I feel like I'm getting to grips with leg anatomy, only a few more problem points to tackle, then time to move on to arms. Wanna try to render out some feet/hands from imagination this week, but will depend on time.
Wow, you're really putting in the work. Well done! Strong!
@NatureboyRocket Thanks a lot dude! (:

15 hour work day is starting to take its toll o.o Not so much done today, and the feet were rushed through in about an hour. Hopefully workload of other stuff will lessen soon so I have time for some personal pieces.
Oh god, a day of interruptions. I lost a whole sheet of 70+ leg gestures to a Windows crash, so the sheet here is the second one I did (though at least it wasn't work that I lost, I guess). The self portrait was interrupted too, so only about 15 minutes on that.

Now I gotta sleep o.o
some messy figures before I get on a train \o/
So. Much. Stuff! Great work, keep it up! Maybe tip the study/imagination ratio a bit more towards the working-from-imagination-side to make sure you're gettting the most out of all those studies!
Damn, you got a lot on your plate, hope you perservere.
Hello Eristhe. Just wondering if you do under drawings on your hands and feet exercises? Especially the ones you pull from memory? How do you go about your process?
@Jan Kloidt Thanks so much! I gotta do some more imagination stuff! I rested up a bit this weekend so I'm feeling a bit less creatively dead, so gonna try push through a few of the ideas I've had festering 8D

@Crackedskull Ha ha yeah, it feels a little overwhelming at times, but I love the hard work so just gotta keep fighting \o/

@John I don't do underdrawings! Just jump straight into it! o.o The hands and feet are very fast, 1-2 minutes each, so I just wouldn't be able to get through the volume I do if I under-drew first. I try to consider the 3D/simplified form as I draw though, or else it just all turns into a mess.

Boop, some practice tonight since I got back, back on normal routine tomorrow. Weekend was half-restful so we'll see how this week goes, hopefully time for a personal piece.
Some studies and rendering/skin practice, could study colours in skin forever tbh
Wow. That´s dedication. Keep studying man. Cheers!!
@RickRichards Thanks man! I will do! (:

Hoooo boy, work + client work is kicking my ass for studying time. Though I did skive off a few hours last night to play MTG, so, maybe I have myself to blame.

Feeling pretty confident with legs now, so gonna move on to arms next!
Arms! 8D

So much to learn, but I'll get there o.o
boop : D
omg that's a LOT of drawings! how many hours you spend on this everyday?
@AChi Thankyou! (: I try to spend as many hours as I can around work, at least 5 and usually more.

I had one of those days today where everything looks terrible. But here's the stuff. More arms, still life (very quick), start of a Sargent study which I just have no idea where to go with now, and a mess/tonal study which kinda turned into more of an edges study.
some stuff o.o
I'm back! I can't believe it's been almost two years since I posted here. Glad to see these forums are still up and running though.

Really want to get back on the wagon with study and improvement. Long story short, I've been doing pretty well as a freelancer 2D/UI artist the last couple years and that combined with a few other factors means I've been comfortable, but stagnating.

Here's some stuff from within the last month and some stuff I'm working on, for where I'm at now. Really looking at tackling perspective and scenes going forwards, as I feel like those are my big weakness right now.

nice stuff, you have the right idea on hands and faces for the most part; I'd reccomend pushing your anatomical knowledge of things maybe outside the comfort zone like the back or drawing the body from more difficult angles. Very nice progress!
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