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Hey guyyys.

I think I'm actually starting to reach something. It's kind of ... Awesome. CAN IT BE?!

Or is it a happy accident?

Who knows. I just really enjoyed this today.. There's so much.. doodling in the studies. I think I like that. I think it actually helps.
Some old master studies that I'm rather proud of.
Hey thanks for the comment in my sketchbook.
Nice progress so far, you are getting out these updates really fast makes me feel lazy XD.
Also great work on them master studies, just make sure you are analyzing and not just copying them though,
Anthony Jones did a cool video on the subject of analyzing vs copying, even if you are analyzing them first i'd still reccomend watching it as it's an interesting video on the subject
Triggerpigking: No problem! Grin

Thanks. I get a lot of work out during the day because I have the time to do it, so don't feel bad. I have a lot of spare time. Pretty much all day everyday for now. :D Thanks for the vid-- At the time, I was making myself aware of what was going on and what I was picking up from them, but I didn't really break them down visually. I broke it down in my head.

It was for a workshop, and it was just to get the values of the composition. I kinda took it farther, but it was kinda copying over studying, I think? I dunno. I think I picked up a lot from it, though, and it's helped a lot with other things. Anywho, I did watch the video, and hopefully I can apply these concepts to my work. Thanks a lot! Grin


I've done some skull studies. Or copies. I'm not sure what to call them atm, haha. I'm trying to break them down and figure it out. I think it's just repetition for now, to get confident, and then I'll break it into pieces and try to put them together more.


Time to go lift. 088
Great to see the frequent updates! Loved the master studies, just keep the momentum rolling.
BenFlores: Thanks! Will do. :Grin:


More skulls. Thinking about them a bit more, so it's more line and less shading.
Very thorough job on those master studies, I must say. You've got a pretty good eye for analysing subjects from observation.
Those master studies are unbelievable, Just keep doing what your doing and you will progress leaps and bounds!
StardustLarva: Thanks a ton! Grin My eye's good. My memory sucks, lol. Need to get those in sync. Wink

Wow, thanks a lot for that, I really appreciate it, haha. I'll do my best. Smile


I'm tired. I dunno. Weird meal times, lifted weights and worked real hard.. Seems like my work is lacking the edge from yesterday. But, at least my hand is sore. That means I'm working enough, lol.

Now to give my fingers a break and watch some Rapoza tutorial action.

So, here's some crappy studies. They're mainly crappy because I was playing around with brushes. Still fun though, so whatever. Still trying to figure out brushes, lol.
Nice studies ! Other then to try constructional stuff I don't have any other advice. It's very important to keep gesture too .. so some 60 sec gesture drawings might help as well. I think you're doing pretty ok on that side tho ... but more is always better I guess xD.

Keep goin !!
Hey! Nice studies so far, especially those master studies. You certainly have the patience and determination if you can produce a copy that accurately. I've noticed you tend to use a lot of brush strokes/ lines when you could do the same with 1 or 2 strokes. This is a bad habit to get into. Try to take a bit more time before laying down a stroke to think about what it is you're trying to convey. Its a good practice to try and make every stage of a drawing or painting look as good as possible. It should be your aim to try and make even the beginning stages of your work look like it belongs on a wall with a frame around it. If the first few stages are rushed and sloppy then the later stages will too. Its a piece of advice I heard that I took to heart and found it a huge help. Hopefully you will too.
you have the rare talent to give a study sketch a realistic and yet ethereal feel, the mood of the latest one is just awe!
Quote:I'm tired. I dunno. Weird meal times, lifted weights and worked real hard.. Seems like my work is lacking the edge from yesterday. But, at least my hand is sore. That means I'm working enough, lol.

hey there! nope, your hand shouldnt hurt, its of course good that you are drawing so much, but making pauses to rest your hand is essential. I have seen people injuring their hands way too many times.
Just stopping a few minutes every 50 minutes or so should be fine. Also, one thing i learned the hard way this year is that nothing good comes from overthinking stuff, so dont worry too much about how your art looks compared to yesterday or the week earlier, its like doing workout isnt it? you just keep lifting stuff and progresing naturally.
Also, really good advice you got from Adam Lima, preparation is really important. If the foundations are shaky the house will crumble. I say, keep doing studies, going slower and thinking every time about what your doing. But you are on the right path already!
I had my hand sore too If I drew after lifting, but it was only on arms day.(if I really pushed myself in the workout). Other than that keep it up.
Adrian: Thanks! I'll do my best, haha. Grin I'll just... Do as much as I can.

Adam Lina:
Thanks a lot. Smile I've noticed the same thing in my work. In my studies today, I attempted to minimize this problem and think more about the lines I was putting down, but it involved a lot of erasing. I assume you don't mean that the first line I put down needs to be perfect? haha. That's never the case. Lol But, yeah, I agree. I was pretty lazy yesterday. I did better today. Thanks a lot for your advice, man, it's great stuff.

jamsession: Wow, you're so nice, thanks a ton. One another person said something like that today, haha. They said they liked one of my master studies more than the original because it was more mysterious and dreamy or something, lol. Grin I'll try not to let my head expand too much. Laugh

EduardoGaray: Yeah, thanks. I've heard it before, and I took it to heart-- When the hand starts hurting, it's time to take a break. Grin But, yeah, I'm noticing that I'm overthinking a bit, too, which sucks, but.. I get a lot of conflicting advice, lol. One person says to think about every line I put down and another says I need to relax, haha. I guess it's all about balance. But, yeah-- I'm not too worried about my work when it takes a downturn one day. I just chalk it up to that day in particular and move forward. Today was great. Smile

crackedskull: Yeah, come to think of it, it was probably the lifting that did it, duh. I didn't even correlate, Lol. But, yeah-- Off I go, keeping it up. Grin


Having a better day for drawing, but unfortunately less time to do it. Still working on the angel. I think I'll probably take her to late stages, because it's an interesting pose. Then I'll try to break down the forms and do it without reference. It's intimidating, but it's gotta be done. Grin



Time to go to bed. Cool
More fun. Grin
Moar practices. RAH.
hollaa :D

I love your master studies bro. You gotta keep on doing more and so shall i :D

Jek :D
Jek: Thanks man. Keep up the good work! Grin


I decided to do some animal studies, 'cause I've been working with people mostly. Starting with this hippo. And a couple more are coming. This one's a bit gritty 'cause it's a warm up.

I think I will also do some architecture studies at some point. Anybody have good references for that?
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