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Full Version: Fashion study group , anyone wants to join?
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Okay daggers, lets analyze the odd habit of humans to wrap themselves in fabric.

I never really cared about fashion. My wardrobe is a mess of poorly fitting clothes in glaring colors and mis-matching styles. I have a hard time to come up with costume ideas for character designs I am making (like, what style would fit the character? And type of clothing belongs to that style?). Even when trying to draw the most generic clothing, it shows that my visual library practically non-existent in this regard (I don't know where any of the seams should go, etc.).

Time to improve!

Are you in a similar situation? Then join me on my journey: Lets study fashion together!

This group is open to everyone, regardless of skill level. You don't have to commit yourself to a particular amount of regular work. The only prerequisite is that you want to learn more about how clothes work.

Sample assignments I am thinking about*:
  • Study a style (either historic or current): research example of that style, make studies, then emulate it and create your own designs in that style.
  • Learn the basic principles (I don't know these yet myself, but I figure there must be some basic rules governed by practicality on where to put seams etc.)
  • Taxonomy (e.g. what's the difference between a jeans and a chino?)
  • History and variants of a particular piece (e.g. how did the tie develop?)
  • Colors and patterns
*: if you can think of something better, please let me know. As mentioned, I am a beginner myself.

Anyone interested?
Great idea Chris ! I'm in :)
Fashion design is a lot of fun and it's definitely something I'd like to improve on.
Awesome. Welcome on board, Yusuf!
Any particular assignment you would like to start with?
Yeah, I'll pick a style or a culture to study and try to arrive to a full character from imagination. That's what I'll be trying to do regularly. I'll also research the basics and see how actual fashion designers proceed.
I would love to join in on this group. I could use help in fashion.
ahhh sounds great. Fashion and clothing design is one my arch nemeses!

I have created a thread for us here:
Feel free to share something there.
Sorry for disappearing for the last couple of weeks. Busy times. I hope you are still here.

How do you all feel we should organize this study group?
Regular assignments?
Live chats / video streams?
Something else?
im in.
assignments sounds cool with occasional hangouts and livestreams.
i srsly need to work on how drapery works. so much naked women im starting to lose my mind.
I agree, I think regular assignments could be cool.

Also if anyone is interested, check out any of tom tierney's fashion books. They're intended for children but they are historically accurate and have a lot of detail and cover different fashion periods