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Full Version: Tim's little black book
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hey guys :)

I post on CA and Cghub so some of you might know me from those places
Feels great to start a new sketchbook again

anyways here's some of the stuff I've been doing lately

[Image: HunterPremonstercopy.jpg]

[Image: Hunterpostmonstercopy.jpg]

[Image: spiderbearcopy.jpg]

[Image: DudeStudycopy.jpg]

[Image: s5fh5ha.jpg]

[Image: mercstar1.jpg]

[Image: xjtjt.jpg]

[Image: cyuclhuhc.jpg]

Ill try to update every day, but well see how that goes

Crits and comments appreciated :)

[Image: Dorothy-Vickers-large+copy.JPG (510×640)]
First of I did a master study, this is John Sargent Singer

and some progress on personal stuff.
[Image: fxgtzx.JPG]

[Image: xmyzmz.JPG]

and its all on the livestream
great exploratory thumbs, I love the fur trousers. Keep it up :D
awesome work here man! your hunter and monster turned out great. Nice studies also! keep it up
Thanks guys :)

heres a little pic dump, Ill try to get around to scanning stuff soon

[Image: 8n6ds7n5e.JPG]

[Image: photostudy1.JPG]

[Image: photostudy2.JPG]

[Image: potatoboy.JPG]

[Image: ah4ha4.JPG]

[Image: vihicliliagao.JPG]

[Image: gdsgagasgas.JPG]

[Image: envirsktsj.JPG]

[Image: daily_figure_1.jpg]

[Image: 4738275646_e9f50ebee2_o+copy.JPG]

[Image: garegahr4444hffff.jpg]

really dig that last one man
thanks man:) glad you like it

dumping some studies <3

[Image: colprdrapstudypo.JPG]

[Image: pants+copy.JPG]
thanks AJCC :) I replied on your sketchbook

Finally finished with this guy, on to the next one!

[Image: CCCP+Bionic+Soldier.JPG]
Awesome job on that soldier guy!
Giant Panda_ Thanks man. doing a few changes on it

[Image: Austin+Healey+Bugeye+Sprite+copy.jpg]

[Image: gurlzss.jpg]

[Image: sssaaafagagaga+copy.JPG]

[Image: skin+study+23_3_2012.jpg]

[Image: P1020331+copy.jpg]

[Image: gagea4gah.JPG]

[Image: siltiltlifrefefea.jpg]
Its been a while.

[Image: redesign+requium_Artimus.jpg] [Image: P1020337+copy.JPG]

[Image: P1020333+copy.JPG] [Image: saskkjs.jpg]

[Image: Blue_beetle+copy.jpg] [Image: Untitled-2+codkkkkkkd76py.jpg]

[Image: 7mtde5.jpg] [Image: spacegarage.jpg]

[Image: Sarah+Kerrigan.jpg] [Image: shitcarpet.jpg]
[Image: rustning+studie1+copy.jpg] [Image: s5au5a.jpg]
[Image: su6sj.jpg]
great stuff dstrax, I can tell all these studies are paying off
Thanks Howie

[Image: bilde.jpg] [Image: s7m7mse.jpg] [Image: sketchplanedudleoaaaaaa.JPG] [Image: bilde.jpg] [Image: ma7+copy.jpg] [Image: CHoW%23288_dstrax.jpg]
another image dump from the blog

[Image: grayskalsl+anajshanhands.jpg] [Image: nezsy.JPG] [Image: yellodeaomon.jpg] [Image: jfdza4.jpg] [Image: dressstudy215wta+copy.JPG] [Image: 7r5x75758,r58,gc.jpg] [Image: enviroskethc+copy.jpg] [Image: at323+aww.jpg] [Image: CCCP+Bionic+Soldier.JPG][Image: Lz3+Detail.jpg] [Image: Lz3+Bountyhunter.jpg] [Image: 3gz44zg.jpg]
Ill try to get back to proper posts again soon. but for now her's another blog dump

[Image: tumblr_m5cbgrRlW01qd236io1_500+copy.jpg] [Image: Horton229V1prototypek+copy.jpg] [Image: xnttxt.jpg] [Image: lhuvfl8y7.jpg] [Image: fa333a+copy.jpg] [Image: aff3as.jpg] [Image: kd7t76.jpg]

crits are welcome :)

[Image: ag44a4.jpg]

[Image: ga44ga4.jpg]
I like how you handle colors so well, wish I could do the same. Great pose studies too! And I like the variation of subject matter :) Good sketchbook!
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