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Full Version: DEAD HANGOUT ): (Join our Hangout! You know, if you want to, whatever...)
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Hi everyone,

If some of you peeps are looking for fellow artists to help inspire and shoot the shit with, we may have the hangout you're after.

We've built up a pretty decent skype/google hangout group from the daggers forum, full of all kinds of people with mixed abilities, backgrounds etc.  Its a pretty casual affair, not a study group exactly but somewhere to find a bit of conversation and a screen-share or two.

EDIT: Sorry guys, things have changed and the group fractured a while back!  We all have our own things going on, but I'm still loosely in touch with a few guys.  I'd personally advise checking out twitch creative, some good stuff happening there.  Peace out!
hmm il be there


I'll be there :)
I'll definitely drop by :)
Are you guys still doing this? i'd like to start going to a daily hangout, the other ones are to unpredictable for when people are on.
Wouldn't be bad to do a hangout or just an iirc!
Hi guys i'll try to make it for 7pm GMT daily as well.
That's noon for me, I shouldn't be sleeping in so much anyways. Hopefully it's still a thing!