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Full Version: Yang's Sketchbook
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Just some studies for the day.

If you guys have some time go check out John Frederick Kensett.There's something about his paintings, that made me feel feelings..
You guys ever start working on something and then realize, aw shit I don't understand "x" enough in order to do what I want and then it leads you down a deep rabbit hole?

Anyways here's something recent, based of the story of Ferdiad
Alright time for me to post some studies that I was way too lazy to finish. I have a lot more but these were the most...."presentable"..
Loving your practices as usual-- You improve quickly. Continue :)
Thanks Bookend :)

Some more stuff
I think you could gain alot of knowledge doing LITTLE grey scale with 3 or 4 value.Each study focusing on a specific fundamental.

focus on watching the section 4)Composition Basics to refresh each fundamental and than work a different fundamental each day or a week on each depending on you.

I think it important to work small to have a fast feedback loop you can self anaylse and correct.
Thanks dark I'll keep that in mind. Just some more studies
Small update
Happy New Years :)
You should turn this into a wish card and sell it.
sweet rendering and shapes yang <3
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