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Nice work dude!


Nice work and thank you for putting this list up


Thomas Scholes livestream -



awesome, if someone want to collect more twitter info I will be more then happy to add it! Thanks alex for all the twitters
I was thinking that it'd be cool to put who's doing daily streams in front of the names and the time its happening. :D

John Silva - Daily stream, 4PM GMT
Sycra - Daily stream, 5PM GMT
Mouser - Daily stream, 6PM GMT
Good idea John. I'm trying to find a good time to stream everyday at the same time like some of you do. Still working on my schedule...XD


Well the whole reason I link the peoples Threads is so people could click on them and find out when people stream, so it doesn't get super cluttered in here
Wow thats great!
Well, I've been creating a list for over a year of the best streams I came across during this time
Its on "deviantart format" cause I started using the people I found there
But I intend to move it into here and featuring more the crimson daggers fighters :D

Non Livestream Users:


wow...just wow..I will add your link to the list but there is no way I am adding everyone's link :D
(01-30-2012, 06:30 AM)Diarum Wrote: [ -> ]wow...just wow..I will add your link to the list but there is no way I am adding everyone's link :D

Yay loved it! Thanks!
I need a bit of time to organize the list haha But I'll do it D:

And... just ooooone small correction, my name is actually Paula, i'm a girl
So just, if you can, change it for "Paula's List" please? hahaha

Thank you!
I'll feature your list on my deviantart page too :D


Could you add my live stream to the list? "Cairn's - Livestream"

Thank youuuuu! :D


Sorry for the mistake :D!
Oh, I forgot to tell you I'm finally using twitter, if you could add it next to my livestream link please :)
I was fed up of browsing through all the links all the time - so i made an app that checks my favorite livestreams for if they are live.
Works almost all of the time - only sometimes the streams cannot be found but that is a problem of livestream not of the app.
The online streams are listed at the top.

I can take more streams on the list but beware that calling the page will take longer the more streams i have to check. Feedback is welcome...
Absolutely brilliant, Wolf ^^

Only improvement I could think of would be adding a green and red circle for when people are online and offline, but that's not really needed since you went with the whole 'online' on top of list thing, so afraid all I can leave you with is a pat on the back - good work!


may you add my stream? its
thank you for you time x]
Jeremiah Jensen (JerryActric)

Thank you :)
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