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Full Version: Environment Design Rocks!
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So..uhhh I did mine 96dpi and the prerequisite 1200px wide.. seems to be /much/ smaller exported than it was within krita.. I have /no/ idea how to fix, krita seems to have changed something between image size within it and export size, used to come out the same?.. so putting here temporarily, in case I need to redo larger. Ffffffffffffff *gahs and flails* .. colour me slightly peeved -_-
I may have gone overboard on the notans too..they are fun, and I figured the extra would make up for the ones that didn't work >.>

[Image: punkacat_week01_by_punk_a_cat-d9ap2aw.jpg]
Finished up week 01.. Honestly, working with 4 values was more difficult for me than working with 2. Not sure why they are showing up so small.

[Image: twilightexplode_week01-notanstudies.png]

[Image: twilightexplode_week01-Notans.png]
So it appears that I did it in the wrong order...I started a few sketches first before the studies. But it was fun~


But everybody is completing this so fast...I'm not sure if I can keep up as my mid-term exams are coming up... (;_;)

Just want to make sure that I'm on the right track:

[Image: zeaPu3O.png]
Aha the eager beavers. Well done!
@U-3C.  Great stuff man! Keep it going. Remember these don't have to be just environments or even representational at all. We want to get you right down to the basics of composition here.

**Guys please remember to upload your assignment files using the submission form :)
You can access it here:

If you have more than one file, just refresh the page and repeat the process, but change the filename accordingly. Let me know if you have problems.

I'm going to be using the timestamps on the uploaded files to check deadlines were met and it makes it easier for me to get through them all easily. Cheers! :)
Oh nice, people have started posting WIP. I'll just add my notan so far then:

[Image: N5Ma5sM.jpg]

[Image: hIuSoCE.jpg]
[Image: bnQvDV1.png]

This is my progress for now. Today I'll be finishing that one and getting to the half of the other. I'm having a lot of fun doing it! :)
Hey all, this is a link to the week 1 critique folder.

I will be trying to keep on top of the individual crits as they come in and I thought it might be useful for everyone to have a look at and learn from the feedback and tips. And don't worry, when your own critiques are ready you will be getting an email from me directly.
Enjoy this week, this is the easy one :)
I am a little behind but just wanted to drop in and say that everyone's work looks wonderful! And thank you, Amitt, for getting the critiques in so soon. Very useful! Also, thank you for setting up the submission form, I have had trouble accessing the Drive upload earlier so this makes things easier.

Reserving the spot for my submission as to not spam the thread later :)
Man, this is soo good! You guys are all awsome! Im soo exited to see more of your guys work. As Vlada, im also behind, but soon ill be posting my assignment and hopefully i'll be making at least some contribution to this awsome class.
Second part of my notan sketches:

[Image: JrNfC2t.jpg]

[Image: EPoc5vH.jpg]
Is it normal for each of the 2 value studies to take over an hour? 0.0

I think I'm focusing too much on details.

Learning a lot though! Never thought they were this useful~
Yo dude, take your time! In fact it pays to not rush, accuracy and careful thought will be good for you. If you squint your eyes at the ref and you can't see the detail don't put it in. Another guide you can use is if you are painting with a zoomed out canvas or with the navigator thumb, and you are making marks that you can't see changing the image, it's probably too small a detail to matter for the overall comp. Depends on the image of course.
Hey guys,

I'm confused. The perspective lines on the left seem to converge to the lower horizon line. The perspective lines on the right seem to converge to the upper horizon line. Shouldn't they share the same horizon? Or am I cocking something up here?

(09-27-2015, 05:56 PM)keeny Wrote: [ -> ]...

Tilted horizon, rolled camera.

Edit: image add
Hi Barry,

Maybe it's better to see the building as three separate pieces having their own perspective. The right and left wing have their own separate two point perspective.
For the centre part, just ignore the rest of the picture and you'll see it has it's own (one-point?) perspective.
As for the horizon lines, I do think all the parts rely on one single horizon. But don't always expect it to be perfectly straight in reality. Same goes for perspective lines btw.
Check the pattern on the sidewalk and look where the perceptive lines are going
, I think that's where the horizon line should be.  
Tough. It's like the centre part of the picture is a separate picture altogether on top of another.
Maybe treating it this way helps.

Hope this helps you out.

To make it more clear:

Heyo guys!
Could anyone tell me if I'm doing this ok? Of course it's not completed, but maybe it's too "liney" or something.
The original image is this one:
(09-27-2015, 06:45 PM)AlfonsoX Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-27-2015, 05:56 PM)keeny Wrote: [ -> ]...

Tilted horizon, rolled camera.

Hi Alfonso - ahh - of course! Thanks for that. So simple, now I realise photos are never going to be perfectly level :)

And thanks for the detailed explanation Mehdi :)
Hey wasgodx,

I don't know, I just don't think you should paint over the original to get the black and white values.
I could be wrong but I don't think that's the aim of the assignment.
As for the "lineyness", maybe go bolder on what's close and go 'linier' the more you get further away to the center? (from thick to thin to add depth).
Just guessing...
@Mehdi: Thanks for the tips! I've chosen another picture which I think it's more simpler, that should be better.

The bad thing is that everytime I try it there's an outage because there's a storm and I'm right now on the edge of my nerves, but oh well. I suppose I'll continue tomorrow.
Hi guys this is page .03 of my notan exercises. Honestly i did my best with the time ive got i wished i had more time to work on them. But life here in brazil is too damn busy.
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