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Full Version: Illustration/study group
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If anyone wants to join together to make an illustration group, I'm down. I'm a fan of doing design sketches and studies, then combining the two into a portfolio piece.
I need to do something like this, I'm all scattered, doing lots of studies and quick stuff, but not working on anything srsly. Can only work traditionally thou
This is a cool blog post on one way to contect studies with finished illustrations.
I'm going to start posting stuff here Hidden Dagger, if you want to start a project too join me :D. I like traditional over digital, though both is cool.
I'm down for this! Doing studies to apply to an illustration is how I work best, I think, and I'd love to have a group of people to do it with.
I have a forum thread set up called Hidden Dagger (unless people want to make a new one?) Come up with an idea for a portfolio piece and start a journey with us. I'm halfway into a digital painting about a fantasy spy for instance.