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Full Version: Grimm bros. illustrations
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Hey daggers!
Here's what's up, I need to make 12 pieces with a common theme for my AP portfolio in art class. I also really need to practice composition. So, I decided to do both those things at once.
I'm gonna make 12 rather quick illustrations of Grimm Brothers stories and I'm going to try to make all of their compositions as perfect as I can. The deadline's around mid-may so I really have to crank out one every five days or less, so of course I can't make them extremely detailed

um, ya. Here's a few thumbnails for the first one, It's a scene where a princess opens a door and is surprised to see a frog who she owes a favor to. There might be a dining table with a king and some courtesans in the background but I think that would be really hard to draw depending on the perspective.
Thanks in advance for any advice or crits :D
[Image: IMG_0324-1.jpg]
[Image: PSthumbs.jpg]


I did a quick paintover of one of your thumbs. Kinda combining all the ideas on your page. I think your heading in the right direction. By no means am I expert but I hope this helps.

[img][Image: paint-over---vertical.jpg][/img]


Dang, that way way more than I was expecting! I've been totally one-upped. Your paintover wasn't really what I was planning on doing, but it makes more sense in a lot of ways. Here's what I made from it so far.
[Image: frompaintovercopy.jpg]
Nice composition, nice dramatic camera angle. It's all coming down to the details, which there are few. One thing that sticks out is her hand resting on the wall is out of perspective. I think the frogs leg is out of perspective too.

You might want to do something about the princess's design, because she looks a little predictable. Even though it looks fine as is. Maybe make her dress and hair dirty, to make her look more distressed. There is allot you can do from here to make it stand out. I strongly recommend you explore artistic liberty.


Thanks! I hear you on the details, I'll be sure to add more.
I hate to ignore advice, but being unpredictable isn't really a concern of mine at this point, and her being dirty wouldn't make sense with the story. Right now I just want to make a working image; get the perspective and composition and everything correct. I'll try to stand out when I'm good enough I guess.
So here's the almost completed line art, time to start coloring..

EDIT fixed the frog's legs and the girl's arm and hands
[Image: frompaintovercopy-2.jpg]
Perspective of the door is not correct. Look at the bottom and the higher parts. Horizon line is too high, You should extend thr frame of the door a little bit to the bottom. Her eyes aren't looking exatly at frogs direction (in the last sketch). Other than that I don't see any fundamental flaws and face expressions in both sketches are very well drawn. keep it up.


I think I fixed everything you mentioned, thanks for the crits!

I colored it in really sketchily, I'm just trying to find the colors to use. Unfortunately I haven't studied color at all ever so I have no idea what to do at this stage, I just hope I don't kill the image. I'm not sure how to make the coloring work with the lines either...sheesh. I need to practice this more.
[Image: frompaintovercopy-4.jpg]


Here it is, all finished like. I'm starting to see a dozen mistakes but I've already wasted way too much time, I need to do the next ones. And also stop procrastinating so much...
This one is based on a story called faithful John. He's supposed to be overhearing the ravens saying his prince and princess will die. I know it probably reads as him being jealous of the prince because he wants the princess but I'm trying to make a good image more than I want to follow the story
[Image: frompaintovercopy-6.jpg]
[Image: faithfuljohn.jpg]
[Image: faithfuljohncomplines.jpg]