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Full Version: International Self Portrait Day 2015
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Hey Dagz! 

The day has arrived, we've gotten through Inktober and Drawloween, now is the day... that day:

Post yo selfie painting here! (But also try and learn something hey?) 

Give it all you've got and try not to rush this challenge - so that you have a benchmark for the following years!
Yaaaassss soon©
Sula - woop woop!!  Th_084_

Alright, so it's already Nov 1st here in 'roo town, so here we go!

My main goal was getting likeness down! Considering the last SP day I participated back in 2013 turned out like poopy regarding that... I really wanted to work on that weakness for this year's entry! I'll never forget a crit I received in my sketchbook; something along the lines of "likeness is dependent on nailing head structure more than anything". So if anyone is having trouble with getting likeness down - take a deep breath, keep calm and paint simple shapes. This comes back to perspective training and all that good stuff. Gah, I can't wait to study now!!!

I've learned a ton. Not just from this SP, but from the 17 other SP's I did (aka my"not a #GPOY" series in my skb lol) during Oct in prep for this. By doing one almost everyday and then leaving 1/2 a month before I did another (today's) is what sunk in all the knowledge from those said studies.

Would've taken less time had I not been changing angles looking @ the mirror/literally leaving the house twice during the study lmao

but oh well, ~4.5hrs

Here is mine 4th year in a row! I got the likeness quite close,although  i do look way better in the portrait than in real life, guess that is the advantage of a self portrait, the lighting is kind of made up i just exaggerated the light from 2 monitors.Looking forward to next year to work on all my flaws that this one has!

Happy Self-Portrait day everyone!  Party

This is my first ever SP and hopefully not my last! 
No color yet because I'm of the scrub variety.
(This looked better at an earlier stage, then I think I just made a mess of it when I added the eyes and rounded the forms out) 
edit: I decided to re-crop it after work because I didn't like how it was laid out. 

@smrr, Holy crap that's an amazing self-portrait! I love how its so loose in some places and so effortlessly precise in others! 
p.s is that a cape? do you have art superpowers? 

@Hobitt, really cool how traditional your portrait looks, kinda like pastels. o.O

[Image: self%20portrait%207_zpshaxv5e1l.jpg]
Heheheh this is embarassing, this is me in the fourth grade, i found rummaging through some old yearbooks; i was such a handsome marsupial back then, now i'm old and fat! I just can't put down the gum leaves! help meeee!

[Image: Selfie-04.jpg]
why do I have to go after Ursula... although everyone's is looking pretty awesome! Can see all your hardwork payed off Smrr! Mine is terrible, rush job, lack of time (couldn't be helped), doesn't look like me, excuses excuses but better than last years!

[Image: 7KJydUY.jpg]
Looking good everyone! [email protected]!

I need more practice, yup. ~ 2.5hrs on this.

Great job everyone!!! Awww :D :D

Great work everyone! its awesome seeing others taking part in a common art activity such as this, i should take part in things like this more often, its very inspiring. So initially i wanted to do a self portrait in digital but since im very new to using a tablet i kind of bottled it last minute to stick to using something more in my comfort zone. Theres always next time :)
[Image: 11_1_2015.png]
Way better than last years. The studying continues.
I had a blast, one of my favourite days of year. See you all next year!

Looking good guys.  I'm not sure why you are all wearing shirts though, seems weird.
Here is my face. The only thing that's improving is my eyebrows.

[Image: BrqduIx.jpg]
Joined in this year for teh lulz :D

[Image: KbhuZMm.jpg?1]
You guys are amazing <3
LOVE all the GIRLS portraits! all the boys and men are stinky plz becom girls thx

These are are all awesome!!
IrishWhisky - thanks man! hahaha, now that you mention it, it sure looks like a cape o: and I wish about the superpowers lolol. Great job yourself! Let's keep pushing :D
I'm some hours late but I wasn't at home :\

Cool work everyone! 

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