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Full Version: Zombie's monthly goals! (2017 edition!)
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So the new year is just a week away, and you know how this time of year also gets people thinking of goals and resolutions, so I thought I'd make a Deathline that I work on and update each month as the year goes by. I'll update on what I succeeded at and what I failed at and adjust accordingly. Yeah!


- I can only go to the gym with my mom due to subscription, so I'd like to go with her each time she asks.
- Then when I'm back at school on the 19th, go to the gym at least three times a week
- Try to go to bed around 12, wake up around 8
- Stay hydrated, drink mostly water
- School work! Do school assignments first and don't fall behind in class
- Possibly schedule days hour-by-hour to get organized (mainly for when classes start again)

- Try to pick something to study each week, and stick to it
- Don't stop studying/working because of schoolwork! Try to balance as best as you can
- Try to have one fully finished portfolio-worthy piece each month

Yeah, all right! Time to make this year a great one!

[Image: charlie%20getting%20pumped.gif]
Hey! Good Luck on your Deathline! I'm thinking of starting my own deathline too. Let's do our best, yeah? :D
Ah geez, it's already 4 days into February and I haven't set any new goals for myself! But first, I'll go over my goals from January, see how I did, and I'll adjust accordingly.

X means I failed
* means I succeeded
- means I kinda did it but could improve more?

- I'm pretty sure I went to the gym every time my mom went, and I've been trying to do yoga or go to the gym three times a week but I haven't been keeping great track?? I'll give myself half credit for this.
X Haha I more go to bed at 1 and wake up around 9, so nah
* I have a water bottle with my every day, so yeah, I'm keeping hydrated!
* Having a planner helps keep me organized and I've been doing good with school assignments
- Haven't really scheduled days by hour beyond classes, but idk

X Hahaha ah FUCK I didn't do weekly studies at all oh geez
- Although I am studying and working a lot it isn't on like CD stuff like I would like it to be so this gets a kinda?
* I think I made a strong portfolio piece as my cover art for my webcomic

So that's three successes, three kinda successes, and two fails. Not too bad! Here's some goals for myself for February:

- Do yoga or go to a gym three times a week, and keep track so I can actually tell if I succeeded at this
- No playing video games or doing nothing until after I've finished all homework and assignments!
- I've officially put my webcomic up and plan to update it once a week, so I gotta keep on that!
- I also think I want to buy another table at a local con this summer, so if I do then I need to start churning out prints
- Have at least one solid portfolio piece I make in my spare time
- It's scary, I know, but I gotta learn perspective and do some studies of it
- Start posting in CD again, I gotta update my SB man!

I think that's a good amount for now, so I'll see you guys here in a month and we'll see how I did!
Oh and since I mentioned it, I'll post it here, here's my portfolio-worthy piece, the cover art for my webcomic! I'm doing a gallery show with some other students, where we are all displaying covers and artwork for comics we're doing. Here's my cover, which I can't wait to see in all it's printed glory.

[Image: tumblr_o10ucwDujW1uu81qco1_500.png]

My goal last year was to have a webcomic by 2016, and although I'm a little late I'm still super excited to have this officially running!
All right, it's March already and I'm ready to reevaluate and start kicking some goals out of the way! I'll admit I wasn't as concerned about my goals this month as I was in January so I have a feeling I didn't accomplish as many, but we'll see.

X means I failed
* means I succeeded
- means I kinda did it but could improve more

* I did yoga three times a week and now that I finally have a yoga mat I want to do it even more!
* I think I did pretty good with not doing video games before work, I still procrastinate sometimes but I've been on top of all of my assignments
- I was late one week but I did put the page up later, so I have been doing good with updating my webcomic weekly
X I didn't end up buying the table at the con, so I haven't made any prints. Still not sure if I will.
X I didn't make a portfolio piece
X I also didn't learn perspective
X And I didn't update my SB, argh!

Sigh, so that's two successes, one kinda success, and four failures. Ouch. I think I need to actually focus on my goals a little better in the future. I kinda set these for myself and then forgot them for the rest of the month.

Okay! So, time for March goals:

- I've been doing good, so might as well keep doing yoga 3 times a week
- I haven't done many paintings in my spare time so I would like to try that more
- Gotta update my SB more often and participate in CD more!
- I've also gotta do more studies, and possibly integrate this into doing paintings
- Beyond Anthology is a comics anthology that is accepting pitches until the beginning of April so I want to have a solid pitch to submit to them!
- Keep updating my comic every Thursday
- Don't go to bed later than 1, and be out of bed by 10

Have a good March, everyone!
Oh boyyy, time to evaluate how I did in March. Something tells me it's...going to be terrible. I had a week off in the middle for Spring Break, which really threw me off for all my goals, and then this past week I've been bedridden sick which yet again interrupted my normal routine. I suspect this month was a total failure. Let's see:

X I have not done yoga in about 3 weeks :/
X Yeah I didn't do any side paintings either
X I posted in the CC a bit but never finished it
X Didn't do any studies
X The Beyond Anthology pitch is due April 4 and I still haven't done anything
X I've officially put my webcomic on hiatus since I haven't been updating it
X Haven't done well with going to bed by 1

[Image: giphy.gif]

Yeah this month was...rough. Oof. But I won't give up! No! I shall still make goals for myself!


- My friend commissioned me a while ago, I gotta finish it
- Stay on top of my work, but also take care of myself mentally and physically
- Try doing yoga again, perhaps on 2 times a week to ease myself into it
- Update my CD sketchbook at least 3 times
- Try to be more on top of being out of bed around 9 (except on weekends)
- Continue working on webcomic development even if I'm not actively updating it

Here's hoping April is more forgiving!
AH GEEZ, it's the 10th already and I still haven't posted my goals for this month! I'm a little late but I guess I'll make it work!

Okay, past goals:

* Finished the commission for my friend!
- I took care of all my classes (3.6 GPA, woo!!), but I had to deal with a lot of stress from my roommates so staying mentally okay was touch
- Argh, I did pretty good doing yoga the first half of the month but stopped halfway through because of roommate drama
X I haven't updated my sketchbook at all :(
* Did good at waking up earlier!
X Haven't worked on my webcomic too much

So this month wasn't too bad, it was fairly even. I want to try to accomplish more of my goals this month! Now that I'm home and it's officially summer, I have high hopes.

- This is for all summer, but I want to have a total of 50 painted studies by the end of August
- Draw something, no matter how small, every day
- Play around with making jewelry
- Do yoga 3 times a week
- Have all my stuff in my room organized, cleaned, and sorted
- Get webcomic all sorted and ready to start updated again in July

Here's hoping the summer is productive and worthwhile!
Dude! Fantastic work on keep consistent with your monthly updates -- and for completing set goals!

Seriously, it's hard! Keeping up with goals is hard! I feel you, believe me <3 but so long as you just keep getting up, even after you fall and tumble and fall some more... you will succeed. (#It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward #DoesThatEvenQualifyAsAHashtag? lmao)

Anyway haha, I believe in ya girl! Go go go! Never stop pls! :D
Thanks for the kind words, smrr! It has been tough but I've been happy with my progress so far so I'm hoping I can keep it up!

Okay, here's my May evaluation. I'll admit I didn't really track my progress very much, so I'm not sure how I did.

x Aaggh I didn't do any painted studies this month. :( I have a chance to do them in the next three months, though.
X Yeah I didn't really draw every day. I'm actually pretty out of practice.
- I sort of played around with making jewelry, but honestly not nearly as much as I wanted to.
X I didn't do yoga three times a week, either.
* My room is pretty organized, although I do have clothes on the floor at the moment, hahaha
* I could have worked on my webcomic a little more but still, I think I'm ready to start updating more regularly

Hmmm, about the same as last month. Not bad, but could be better! Here's my hopes for this month:

- Rather than setting a large goal for the whole summer I'll say I want to do 17 painted studies this month
- Start taking commissions and perhaps adding more to my Etsy shop
- Either buy a gym membership and go regularly or exercise at home regularly
- Take the time to draw or do something creative every day
- Work on my webcomic every day, whether it's final pages, thumbs, writing, or anything else.
- Be more proactive and don't just collapse on the couch after work every day. Instead, I should go to the gym or work in my studio after work
- Since I'm only working part time this summer, I want to look into figuring out making money on the side through either commissions or an online store

Yayy, I'm really ready for June to come!
Aahhh, I'm starting my July goals halfway through the month, oh no!! Ah well, I was on vacation for the first week of the month and then I was just working yesterday and Monday. Today I have off so I'm gonna work today on starting on my goals. I guess I'll write them for only two weeks in mind.

Okay, evaluation for last month:

X I didn't do ANY painted studies, woof.
X I didn't take any commissions or anything like that
* I did get a gym membership for the summer, though!
X Can't say I've been drawing every day
- Ehhh I know I didn't work on my webcomic EVERY day but I was actually pretty dang close
- Didn't really work hard after work every day, it's hard to do when I work until 9. But I was a little better this month.
X Didn't work on getting any side money from my art :(

Okay, so goals for the latter half of July:

- Half at least two fully finished illustrations made or at least started
- Do a couple anatomy studies
- Finish writing my webcomic script! Figure everything out, and get more input and critiques!
- Try to go to the gym whenever I can, at least always during days off and sometimes if I'm working <6 hours

Not too much, but for the time period I'd rather set the bar a little low, haha.
You're doing an awesome job keeping this goals updated ZombieChinchilla!

I also like the way you are tailoring your workload to be more achievable - smart goal setting :).

Keep it going!
All right, July is over, onto August!

* I did an illustration of my OC a while ago, and I started a bunch of work on a GoT illustration but I haven't worked on it for a while and idk if I'll get back to it.
- I'll give this a "kinda" since I did work on some anatomy stuff but not as much as I'd like to
X Didn't really work on my webcomic script
* Not having a car every day made this kind of difficult but I did go to the gym a lot

Okay! Time for August goals. Last month before classes start up again.

- I've been doing watercolor landscape studies lately, and even though I know I won't do them every day, I'd like to have 15-20 done this month
- Fill up my sketchbook with drawings and studies
- Practice the ukulele more
- Try to do yoga on days where I don't have time/means to go to the gym
- Limit of 1 hour of video games per day
- I'd like to look into putting my work in the student gallery this semester, and I'm thinking either book cover designs or fake screenshots for a video game, so I think I'm gonna kick the idea around some
So classes have officially started...I'm feeling okay about everything so far but I'm nervous to start my last year of school, ahhh!!

X Right after I posted saying I wanted to keep doing watercolor landscapes, I stopped :P
* My sketchbook is full, I'm on the next one!
X Didn't practice my ukulele too much
- I did yoga a little bit but I still need to get back into it
- Although I know I definitely didn't keep it under 1 hour of video games each day, I did keep track of it more, and I stayed under 1 hour most days
X Didn't work on the gallery stuff too much

...Dang, I thought I had done better. Man, goal keeping is hard!

Time for September goals:

- Try to get back into yoga and do it three times a week
- I'm back to class, so doing independent work is gonna be tough but I'm gonna try to have one finished illustration this month
- Stay on top of classes and homework and just overall be productive
- Write at least something for my webcomic, either the script or maybe start doing thumbnails?

Kind of a short list, but the next few months are gonna be pretty crazy with my senior year of school, so I'll cut myself some slack.
Good luck with September ZombieChinchilla! Looking forward to seeing your finished illustration :).
Hey, thanks, ArtLoader!

September was kind of a crazy month since classes had started, so I'm not sure how the month went.

X I did not get back into yoga at all, really should try again
* Not only did I get one, but TWO finished illustrations!! :D
* I'd say I did pretty good with being productive and doing homework
X I did not, however work on my webcomic at all

Two fails, two accomplishments. Not bad! Time for October.

- Gonna try to do yoga again, but this time set the bar lower to perhaps only twice a week.
- Inktober! It's inktober this month, ideally I want to do it every day but if not, I'd like to do it 20 days at least.
- I've been playing around with a couple of new OCs, so I think I'd like to work on them some more
- Limit of only 2 hours of video games a day, and only on the weekends
- Gotta keep working on my senior thesis work all the time this month
Good going Zombie :). Sounds like you still managed to make progress despite a hard month. Good luck with Inktober :).
Ah man it's almost a full week into the month before I update this! I've been doing this for almost a full year, I can't quite now!

X I haven't done any yoga, I'm sad I've gotten out of it!
- I did 11 inktober drawings, which wasn't my goal, but I'll give myself half credit, hahaha
- I drew my characters a little more, and developed them some, but they're still very unfinished.
* I did good with not playing video games as much, but I also realized how much I use video games to relieve stress so it was rough haha
* I worked a lot of my thesis! Still a lot to work on, though

Okay, here comes November!

- I'm gonna aim to meditate at least every other day this month.
- I've also gotta work on going to my studio to work on thesis, so I want to go between classes and a few hours during the weekend
- I would like to try posting here more! I want to update my SB at least a couple times.
- I'd also like to get more into the habit of emailing professors about my thesis to keep track of making good work.
A week into the month isn't too bad - you're doing better than me this month anyway :).

Looking forward to seeing your SB updates!
Oh noooo, it's already halfway through the month!! I don't want to fail this now, of all times! I've been keeping up with this all year, I've gotta keep going.

- I meditated a lot more often this month, but certainly not as much as I expected. I'll give myself half credit.
* I definitely worked in the studio a ton. Ah, finals.
X Didn't post here at all, darn.
* I did email more professors, though!

Okay, quick goals:

- Finish my school work I have to do over winter break.
- Work on all my goals I want to achieve for thesis!
- Do more yoga and meditation when I can.

We'll see if I keep this up next year. See ya'll in 2017!
Happy 2017, folks!! Since I've caught the resolution fever, I definitely plan on trying to keep this going for as long as I can. So here's how my December goals went, and new goals for January!

* Got all my school work I needed for last semester done!
* And I've been working on thesis a lot, too
- I'll give myself half credit for yoga and meditation, as I did work on it but not as much as I would have liked.

Okay, time for January!

- I want to have the sketches for my first thesis comic done, and try to have the character design and maybe thumbnails of the next comic done before classes start again
- There's a few crochet projects I want to finish before break ends
- Try to work on anatomy studies more
- Post here more often! Gotta kick myself in the butt to work harder.

Happy new year, ya'll.

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