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Full Version: Creepy Yoda Illustration
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Here's a new illustration, I'm having a fun time doing it. Any critique/paintover for the lighting/shadows would be appreciated  Thanks!
Of course, it's not finished. I'm working through my next render pass. You can tell by each half of the face :)
Great work, very funny too. Have you considered adjusting the spec on the tentacles as it might be distracting a bit from the face and focus? Maybe the face could get a tiny amount of similar spec? Adding a subtle plant or vine sillouette in the backdrop might help the design.
Do you mean specular highlights? I did plan on the face being of the same material, I haven't really rendered the tentacles or the bottom of the face how I want them, as of yet, but I do plan on them being similar. Great advice on reducing the contrast on the tentacles to lessen distraction. Also, great recommendation for some plant information in the background. Thanks!
nice idea. :)

I would only paint hair more in volume, try to search for reference on that.
Chipping away at this between other work. Here's another couple of hours into this. I wish I knew lighting and form better. I can EVENTUALLY get most of the way there, but an illustration like this takes me way too long. Still learning, I'm happy about that