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Full Version: vampire trap
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Here's a comp sketch for a piece I'm working on. It's still pretty rough but I'd like to know if there is anything I can nip in the bud, before I commit to a long grueling render. I'll work on studies while I wait for crits.

Narrative: A vampire hunter baits vampires into a set up, by crashing her vespa. Vampires can't resist a damsel in distress.
[Image: vampire-trap-1.jpg]
I did a quick paintover. The main change is curved perspective. Should be more refined, but I didn't want to spend too much time on it. Hope You like the idea.

[Image: GS_paintov.jpg]
Oh no! I can't see it.

EDIT: Duh, right click+open in new tab.
Great paintover. The camera angle is way more dynamic. I'll just go ahead and re-sketch the whole thing. It would be more work for me to warp and salvage it than just starting over from scratch.
Glad you like it. Looking forward to seeing a finished version :)


I like the composition and colors you are using so far. I can't really tell what the mass of stuff to the right is. I think it's trash but I'm not sure. If it's a dirty alley you should probably put some trash everywhere.

The character closest to us, her legs don't look correct. You need to move the feet to the left so they are underneath her.

I hope to see this with some more time put into it. Looks like you have a cool start.

Good job!