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Full Version: My shared files, yay freebies
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Hi everyone,

I'd like to share a simple color study I did for learning purposes.

It's a Cornell Box widely known among 3D artists 
but also a great tool for rendering by painting as it gives you sort of a
controlled environment to study concepts like
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Reflected Light
  • Form Shadoes
  • Cast Shadows

You also see how to colorize over black/white Values.
Each feature is on a separate layer and named so you can understand what it does.

It's more targeted towards beginners I guess, dunno if it helps, take it apart...

You painted that in photoshop? That is pretty inasane level of shadows and bounce light ! :O
I'd love to see how you used your layers. Awesome study.
Thanks Piotr!
It was painted in Procreate and then exported in .psd
I would've organized my layers differently (like using clipping masks) if I had started this one out in PS
but I think it gives a good overview.