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Full Version: Rules and subforum etiquette
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Subforum construction:
  • Rules thread (sticked and locked)
  • General discussion thread - for any challange related comments/suggestions (sticked)
  • Finals thread (new one for each challenge) -  contestants should only post their finished work and compilation of studies here. We will use this for the judging process. No discussion allowed. Comments will be moved by mods to the discussion thread. After the deadline, the thread will be locked and shortly moved to the Challenge Archives subforum. (sticked)
  • Personal WIP threads - everyone should post a thread with their work in progress and progression to make it easier to get feedback from the community. We encourage you to do this as it will help you develop a better piece.
The Crimson Crucible Rules:

Each challenge will have its own separate set of specific rules, however there are few rules and that will apply each time:
  • Providing relevant studies is absolutely essential to be eligible to take part in the contest. As The Crimson Crucible deadline for each challenge is 1 week longer compared to Bloodsports, we encourage you to spend this time wisely on studies or comp sketches, anything that will improve your craft and help you create better work.
  • Keep your uploaded images no larger than 1000-1200px wide, and if you can please upload your images as attachments to the forum. This helps keep page load times down, and the images always up.
  • Be nice. Hide your ego in a box for a time being. Remember that constructive critique, even if very harsh, can be very helpful if it is taken the right way. Be appreciative of any feedback, even if you believe it comes from a person with lower abilities. 
  • Feel free to use any techniques whether it's traditional, digital, 3D photobashing etc. 
  • Pay it Forward. Be helpful. Don't just post your stuff and run away. Giving some feedback to others doesn't really take that much time. Sometimes one or two words of constructive advice and encouragement can make a huge difference and mean a lot to others.  Read this post for a discussion on critique.