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Full Version: Introducing The Crimson Crucible !!
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"The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire"

The Crimson Crucible is a new regular competition we will be running, where daggers (and others!) can develop their skills under the transformative fire of an intense challenge. 

Crucible challenges will be focused on developing one folio-ready piece a month while working on a brief, under a strict deadline, similar to what might be asked of you as a professional in the entertainment industry. You will generally have 3 weeks to do your work, and a week to implement feedback and crits before the next challenge begins.

Your reward will be the warm inner glow that comes from forging new skills, smashing past your old limits and reaching towards new heights.  If you persevere you also end up with a folio piece each month.

If that wasn't enough, we are very excited to announce a special treat for you guys.  We have lined up some professional guest judges (and hope to keep them coming) to join us in a live critique stream at the end of each challenge!  If you participate, do the work, and submit a final you have a good shot at getting some personal critique from an Übermensch Artist!

Crucible Blog
There is now a blog dedicated to the challenges which we will be updating and featuring winners on as well:

First Challenge
The first challenge will be posted around Saturday March 12th, and will have a deadline of two weeks, as a test and to iron out any issues. We want to begin monthly challenges in April.  Browse the rules thread to get an idea of how we see it working.  Please feel free to give us your thoughts and feedback before we begin. 

We would like to acknowledge Dave and Dan's awesome work on Bloodsports from which we have drawn much of the format and inspiration from.   We have been in touch with them, and they have given us their blessings to stoke some new fire into the community!

Crucible Operators - Piotr and Amit

The only question remaining for you now is,

Will you survive the heat of THE CRIMSON CRUCIBLE???
This is great looking forward to it!
Bring it on :D
Sounds great, can't wait!
Sounds great! I'm just worried i'll be like the fly in the milk there, hurting your eyes with my noob art >_<
(03-07-2016, 03:38 AM)BlackDelphin Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds great! I'm just worried i'll be like the fly in the milk there, hurting your eyes with my noob art >_<

Don't worry! This challenge is for everyone to develop their skills. There were many noobs who took a leap forward thanks to Bloodsports and hopefully it'll be the same in this case :)
[Image: AH4FwsS.gif]
Let's do this!
Man, this is looking great. The fire rises!
This is awesome! Looking forvard to the first challenge.

Thank you for organizing this.
Yep let's do it!
[Image: latest?cb=20140617011920]
cant wait to see the first challenge!
by Crom, thanks guys this is awesome, just the push I need to actually finish something....
I want to start right noooooooooooow! awesome move, I always wanted something like this!
Geez louise ! this is just what I needed, Can't wait to get burned by the crucible and come out of it a new man!
Piotr and I are homing in on the first challenge idea, and we have a cool guy to come help us judge. Even I'm getting pumped!! I might do a piece for this first challenge too (of course without entering :P)

...4 days to go.
[Image: PAIN2-USE.png]
Sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to level up! Looking forward to it.
I can only work traditionally(and only in pencil) atm but I might take part in this depending on what the challenge is, sounds fun :).
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