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You can ask questions here and discuss anything related to the Crimson Crucible challenge.

If there are a lot of questions we might do a shaort Q&A stream session on twitch.
does it have to be a full figure, from head to toes, or can it be 3/4 or a portrait too?

like this, for instance:
I think that will be ok, looking at the example given in the brief. But I might be wrong :p
3/4 is probably ok if it really helps the illustration, but because this is a design challenge as well as an illustration one, we'd prefer you not hide half of your figure (and therefore half the design) away. The example you linked to, is probably cutting it too close to being only half a body. No portraits or busts please, we want to see more than that.
Guess i'll really be out of my comfort zone!
Thanks for clearing that out! :)
(03-16-2016, 06:36 AM)BlackDelphin Wrote: [ -> ]Guess i'll really be out of my comfort zone!
Thanks for clearing that out! :)

Me too, but that's a good thing :)
Hey guys,

I didn't happen to catch the stream and I'm too lazy to double check, so, apologies if this has been answered, etc

Just wondering about one of the requirements in option A:
The motto for House Negrea is "Spring is Coming"; so firstly, is this motto set in stone? Are we perhaps able to change it if we present one with an explanation to its meaning?
Secondly - does this motto need to be visible in the illustration? Or is this just to spark inspiration?

Cheers in advance, you beautiful people!
What? Do you mean you did not watch the stream? >:(
Yo yo yo. Unfortunately Lady of the Smrr, we can't allow you to change the motto. It's a design element to the challenge and people are already incorporating it into their stuff, so I don't think we can let you do it.

Good news though, it doesn't have to be in the illustration, it's just a kickstarter for ideas, and there is no reason not to take it in any way that suits you, eg it might be an ironic "Spring is coming, yeah right!" so it doesn't have to be all daisies and lambs and ducklings. Dunno if that helps!
Aaah no worries Amit <3 Thanks for clearing that up!

Piotr, I was out unavoidably out on Sun and Mon so I couldn't catch it ;_; 
And I've been listening to game (& the GoT) OST's while sketching... 
But I'll make sure I watch/listen to it as soon as I get back into working on the project, which'll be shortly!
#gottastopbeinglazy #ibetitwasamazing #iwontmissthenext
No worries :)
I found that listening to someone talking is better for my workflow than music, so you can try to draw and listen to the stream in the background.

Unless you find my struggle with english pronounciation terrible D:
Hello boys. A few questions.

- Is Henry the Raven a character in Bloodborne lore? I can't seem to find anything about him.
- For the second challenge, are we to choose from the existing Great Ones or do we have do design a new one?
- Is the ritual chamber in the second challenge in the game?

My apologies. I'm not quite familiar with the game!
As far as I know it's Henryk :)
As for the 2nd I think it should be one of the existing ones. Last question I don't know but as far as I understood it, it should be a new design.
There is an NPC in Bloodeborne called Eileen the Crow who has a connection to a Henryk (as brushnoir mentioned) and Father Gascoine. Atey came up with the scenarios, so I don't know how much liberty he took as i haven't played the game. Perhaps he just played with this a little?. I will ask him when we chat with him, maybe during the judging stream, maybe before :) As for the brief, i don't think it matters how accurate to the lore this character is. You have free reign with the design as long as it fits the basic scenario description (which is your lore in this case) and feels like Bloodeborne!

You can choose, but something to keep in mind is that recognisable characters from the lore will make your job of communicating it as a Bloodeborne keyframe a bit easier, but then again, who wouldn't want to design their own Great One!! I know I would. So take your pick.

Don't think the chamber is directly in the game...I habe no clue,, but yoi can use other locations in the game that are similar to inform your design..So again, just make it feel Bloodborney!
[Image: tumblr_n807qs5Fxs1qgxab9o1_500.gif]

Thanks guys!
(04-04-2016, 10:22 PM)Amit Dutta Wrote: [ -> ]just make it feel Bloodborney!


I have no idea so I just quoted Amit.
So when will be the next CC challenge? I'm kinda pumped for this!
at the beginning of each month
So only four more days to go then, awesome. :D Thanks Piotr!
(04-28-2016, 09:41 AM)Mechanizoid Wrote: [ -> ]So only four more days to go then, awesome. :D Thanks Piotr!

Not right on the dot :) It mostly gets announced sometime in the first week. We actually might be a bit later this time as we're a little busier than before atm.
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