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Full Version: Andri Fikar Finished Artwork
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Hi this is my first post here in Finished Artwork, so, let the show begin

Dwarf Lineart by Amos Rachman, color render by me
[Image: Dwarf_Final_Kecil.jpg]

Homefront: The Revolution artwork contest
[Image: Homefront_Fix_3_DC.jpg]

CnC always welcome if in this section allow to CnC
Wauw nice color/rendering!
My personal fanart piece for MTG
[Image: 12_Final.jpg]
Spawn Revision

[Image: spawn_revision_by_fixart-dblpli4.jpg]
Stubb my man :D

[Image: stubbs_the_z_by_fixart-dblpl9y.jpg]

Liliana my girl

[Image: liliana_by_fixart-dblpl3b.jpg]

Avacyn my spouse :D

[Image: avacyn_by_fixart-dblpkyj.jpg]

John my hitman

[Image: john_wick_by_fixart-dblpkmg.jpg]
IDK, if this considering as finished artwork or not, but I try to make a sample pages for publisher, but heck, here you go, Batman Sample Pages

[Image: batman_sample_pages_1_of_6_by_fixart-dc7kxyf.jpg]

[Image: batman_sample_pages_2_3_of_6_by_fixart-dc7kxnq.jpg]

[Image: batman_sample_pages_4_5_of_6_by_fixart-dc7kxgj.jpg]

[Image: batman_sample_pages_6_of_6_by_fixart-dc7kx6j.jpg]
Really cool art!