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Full Version: Ragecandy's sketchbook
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Hey guys, this is my first time posting in an art forum, I'm 21 and I'm from Mexico :D

So yeah, I've been doing digital art for like 4 years but I feel like I never studied seriously, maybe only a bit of anatomy, but I feel like my fundamentals are really lacking in general, the thing is that I drew pretty much exlusivley anime for a while, so I feel like I learned a lot of stuff wrong, I never really learnt how to paint form and I struggle a ton with perspective.

Right now I'm trying to get to a level good enough for something like TCG art, I actually just left school, so I'll try to study as much as I can. 

I've been studying from the Scott Robertson's How to draw book for perspective and Loomis and quickposes for anatomy, also I want to do some master and screencap studies, so umm yeah that's a lot, I hope this sketchbook keeps me motivated, I feel like I need a place to post art stuff without worrying about favorites or likes... 

photo studies:
[Image: 60JctRv.png]
[Image: GJmWEkG.jpg]

[Image: Q38yRMf.png]

[Image: dn7jTJi.jpg]

Failed attempts at concepti art orz:

[Image: aZFF6W7.jpg]
[Image: rArlO9i.png]
Nice start on your sketchbook. You gestures/poses are really good imo. Keep them sketches coming!
(04-17-2016, 01:13 PM)BrushNoir Wrote: [ -> ]Nice start on your sketchbook. You gestures/poses are really good imo. Keep them sketches coming!

thanks man!, and yeah I'll try to update regularly
Couple of sketches from refference:

[Image: M65rX0b.jpg]

[Image: 3FkOGyt.jpg]
Nice drawings! post moar?
(04-21-2016, 03:58 AM)Adam Lina Wrote: [ -> ]Nice drawings! post moar?

thanks man!, yeah I will hahah
Hey guys, I've been sketching and stuff but I've been too lazy to upload the stuff haha! orz.

I got hyped by the jungle book so I drew a couple of apes xD, hard stuff cause I've been drawing almost only pretty girls for ages lol, I did use to draw a lot of animals and monsters when I was younger so I'll try to retake that a bit in this sketchbook...

[Image: 2PN3sbA.png?1]
[Image: MaHlj5L.png?1]

The thing I liked the most/ found the most stricking was the arm's proportions so I tried to aply those on 

[Image: cOC4shd.jpg?1]

Then this guy is supposed to be Michael Fassbender, I think it looks like I'm decent at portraits but I do stuggle a lot with getting the likeness right, if anyone has advice I'll be glad orz.

[Image: mHSRleI.png?1]
April Bowlby Study

[Image: SPz9q0E.png]