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Painted on this cute fellow. I am not very happy with it. The idea is that there is this parasite, that controls humans by changing the brainstructure. It slowly destroys the host, therefore it has to act fast. It is spread by infecting other hosts by biting. You know, zombies and stuff :D
Did a pencil drawing first, scanned it, applied some photos for values, painted over it, hated the outcome, did the whole face from scratch. Will come back to it, but for the time it was enough and I changed to...

...this guy. This is something I do for a friend of mine. Also it is not finished, but I kinda like the direction.

Hey guys,

finally found the time to do some more studies. I tried to learn more about how to do lost edges. And then there's an apple. I was sort of unmotivated during that study. I have some stuff on my mind currently, that I hope to sort soon.

Small update

I did this which I found in the crimsondaggers ressources

two pages á 30 seconds, 1 page á 1 min, then 3 poses á 5min45s and a big one á 30 min. I kinda stopped looking at the picture for the last half of the 30 min because I focused on the colors, which the scanner ate, as it seems.


This is a illustration I do for a friend of mine. It is for her band "Maikäfer ohne Heimat", that's German and means "homeless maybug".


Hi guys,

this is the finished illustration, I have to get faster!
And an environment study. I have the opportunity to get a job where I do a lot of environment conceptart. Therefore I want to polish my environment skills. That's what the studies are for. Took about 3 - 4 hours. Do you guys have recommendations how to get better with that? Would be glad to here some tips and tricks.

So the little sister of my girlfriend is visiting us in Berlin and we watched "Free Willy" one evening. That was the reason for this study, took about 2h.


Another photostudy. Took about 3 h. At first I thought it is a black horse, but the more I looked at it, it turned out to be more blue and brownish. It is really weird how the prejudices can mess with the perception of an image.


just finished this little study, took about 1.5 h i guess.


Cheers and good night,

Made it into a pegasus, because my girlfriends little sister asked me to :D

That pegasus looks good man! keep those studies coming!
took around 6-7 hours, i guess. The problem is: where does one stop?! but it was fun nonetheless :)

hi folks,

so I worked on this crab-creature for far too long, put it up on ca and got some input there, but I couldn't make it work somehow. This is the way I left it then:
After doing some other stuff (more studies, environments, etc.) I felt like making an overpaint of my own pic. That's what it turned out. And I am rather happy with this.
Now I see a lot of the mistakes I made earlier (anatomy, proportions, colors, perspective, ect.)
As always I appreciate any comments and critics.

Very interesting creature design and the pegasus look pretty good as well, keep working on! :)
hey isra,
thanks for the comment, the beast is still wip and i will finish it. I have a big list of pieces I started at one point and that I want to bring to a finish now. and right now I feel like I can bring something new to them, so yup, I will keep working :)

Flo (aka Enimael)
the environment I put by far the most work in. Still I am not 100% happy with it, if anyone has some crits on it, I would be happy to know.


That enviro is looking good man!
Thx mate,

much appreciated :)

(06-02-2012, 12:20 AM)Flo Wrote: [ -> ]the environment I put by far the most work in. Still I am not 100% happy with it, if anyone has some crits on it, I would be happy to know.


I really like this environment, that's why I did a paint over, hope you don't mind, I just added some personal suggestions, hope you find it useful, let me know :)


PD: Your flags are much cooler haha, I just wanted to give another position (trying to follow the rule of 3, would be good to have some symbol too to give more personality :)
Hey isra,

thanks for the overpaint, really good idea to put another foregroundelement on the left hand side. also the little composition-suggestion was good, I stretched the picture and added some more details to the gras, water and walls. also I fixed a little perspective issue on the walls.

Hey folks,

just a quick update to show you guys what I have been working on. I think i might have overdetailed some areas, but it is a lot of fun atm. this is still wip, but i hope i can finish it soon.

another update: brought this thing to somewhat of a finish, allthough I am not happy with some things and I probably go fix em soon. anyways, would love to get some comments and crits from you guys.

hey folks,

just another update.

here is the crab, kinda finished, I am not sure if I work some reflected light in it or not.
then there's my entry to the COW 262 "The ninja's companion"
the environment with feedback worked in from the amazing isra and bazar
aaaaand a 2h study of the tasmanian highlands. I watched "the hunter" with willem dafoe, where he has to track down the last living tasmanian tiger (check that creature out, it looks pretty cool). good movie, totally recommending it right now.

So that's it, crits and comments are welcome,
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