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Hey guys,

I did another card for "Dungeon League", this time it is "Uwe Seelig". He is extremely good in doing headers. As usual I got the lineart by Lena Kuschke via trello, which we use to manage the project and communicate. She sent me a reference picture for the colors, but the internet swallowed it and I can't find it anymore. Mainly it was blue for the shirt and he should be dark skinned.


This was the color-comp I sent in for review. I got some feedback, mainly concerning his necklace and the football-pattern on his head. Right now it looks more carved in and less like a tatoo ... ouch. After sorting out the short-comings I did some studies.





In the end I used a lot of the colors from the last study and the blue rimlight from the second study. And here is the final version.

another still life

an illustration for a friend of mine and the studies I did for it

I have used more references, but only included the studies.

I forgot a 1h stilllife

more to come soon
my entry for a character challange, the topic was: The enduring, alienated, unjust explorer from an unusual family line.

I am not 100% if I hit the target, you can decide. :)

the alien thing is just some design and lineart practice

the last is an illustration for a friend's birthday
lifedrawing session

i need to work on proportions
Nice work with those figures, as you said, just keep working on proportions. The foreshortening could use a little work in places a bit too, but they're good other than that.
Hey Flo!
Seems like you're working hard! I really like the designs on 384. Keep it up!
@ Larva: you are spot on with that crit, my foreshortening is really weak. I will work on that.
@ Rafa: thanks man, I will

I finally got around painting the peppermill I bought in Istanbul. If you get a chance, you should totally go there, it is just such an awesome city. And if you are there ask for the bar called "Haymatlos". We went there one night and it was really great.

The watercolor stilllife took about 30 min. I don't know if my technique is very elitary, I just add layer over layer like I would do it in Photoshop. But hey, it is a lot of fun for me and for now I like the result.
All the studies are looking great and your character for the challenge is too. Interested in how you're going to render that. Keep going flo !
Those are some pretty impressive studies - you're good at depicting materials like the pepper and the metal of the peppermill. Watercolor's looking good too.
Liking that watercolour study, Flo. Building up layers is a good method for defining colours and texture when working in watercolour, so I'd say you're taking a step in the right direction. Keep at it.
@Ben: Hey man, thanks. I don't know if I will finish him. Atm I want to focus more on line and design. I feel like I am further with my painting capabilities than with my drawing-skills. So I hope to even it that out.

@Meat: thanks a lot. I feel like thats what I am strongest atm. So time to do something where I am not as strong hehe

@Larva: thanks man. To me it feels like a good approach, although I dont think it is a standard-technique, but whatever works ^^

I got the okay to post the assignments for the Jason Seiler Course I am taking right now. I kinda messed up the final but I received great feedback on it. (the big Tom Hanks drawing) It was mainly concerning missing structure in the face and that some of the features don't line up right. I will post the second assignment soon.
Damn. Some of those pencils are pretty sweet. Love how you managed to convey form. Awesome stuff keep it up! ;3
Hey guys,

this is my newest portfolio piece.

I learned, that in order to understand the structure of something better, it makes more sense to do a lineart drawing than a painting of it. That way I look past the surface and really focus on the masses and shapes that make the object. It's pretty obvious actually but hey ... everything makes more sense in retrospek.

So there you go: my cordyceps zombie.

And here is the real-world inspiration for this:

Thanks @Rama, you are too kind ;)

I inserted a "Re-draw" of the zombie. The one on the left was done 2,5 years ago. So for those who are just starting out, keep at it, studying really helps :)
studies. I so much hate gestures, that's why I have to do them. Please, if you find something I can do to make them better tell me! :(
(10-26-2014, 09:23 PM)Flo Wrote: [ -> ]studies. I so much hate gestures, that's why I have to do them. Please, if you find something I can do to make them better tell me! :(
Hi Flo,
Your gestures are good, even though you claim to hate them. To make them better I would suggest that you think of them more as studies of contrast. That would be: straight lines against curves, tension against relaxation, pulling against pushing etc.
Humans communicate very effectively through (non-verbal) physical interaction. This is why gesture add so much life to a character. As people who create static images we need to understand and use this kind of non-verbal communication to relate to the viewers of our images.
If you can, check out Walt Stanchfield's book called "Drawn to Life". It explains in detail how to add life to your characters simply by improving the gesture of the figure. Hope this helps.

Really nice work here! the last painting on 394 is really impressive to me, it's very striking.
hey Javier, thanks for the input about gestures. I will check out the book and try to watch out for the things you pointed out. I tend to fall in the trap of trying to do outline sketches instead of gestures. well ... I did more gestures, sadly before reading your comments, but after doing the lineart of the bottle, which helped me warm up. I guess it is also a problem of having the wrong priorities: I focus on nice looking lines while actually trying to learn more about body language and poses. I will try to seperate those topics more.

@Vymnis: thanks a lot :)

just some studies and a personal thingie from imagination (the lighting is really lame)
Hey everybody,

these are the sketches and the final drawing for the second assignment of the Schoolism course I am currently enrolled in. I did more sketching this time and focused less on a final finish.

It was hard to think about exaggeration but still maintaining likeness and paying attention to structure, but also a lot of fun. When doing the final I tried a technique I learned while doing the first assignment. It is basicly taking pencil-dust that I get from sharpening and smudge with the tip of my finger the basic big shapes in. It worked really good with the Tom Hanks picture, but with Nancy it was like: "where are my lines?!" So after covering all my lines with the pencil - dust I fought with the drawing always thinking of starting over. Maybe I should have, but I ran out of time. So I am not too happy with the end result.

Things to consider in the future: if someone has dark eyes, make them really dark; make eyes the same size, when seen from the front; zoom out to get the weight easier; when the forehead is small, the chin is usually bigger and the other way around; exaggerate what is there; don't invent shapes, look closer and take your time; sketch longer if necessary; exaggeration is not only making stuff bigger!

And here is something to listen to while working:

Oh and also I will do the Logo for "Dungeon League", the fantasy-soccer-game I am doing all those coloration-jobs for. :)
Dude, when did you get so good? This latest stuff is awesome 0_0 Especially liking the way you handle those pencil drawings and your still lifes. You've developed really strong observation skills man and I cant wait to see you apply them into some of your own future paintings.

Great updates mate, keep them coming.
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