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Hey Will, thanks for the encouragement, I still don't feel "good" though. But since I quit my dayjob I do waaaay more stuff and I tried to change my priorities towards finishing one piece before I start a new thing. So that is actually helping a lot. If you had the time I would love to hear which piece you find succesful from a observation-skill-side.

Here are some studies and an illustration I will post in my facebook profile for halloween. Any crits and comments for it are super welcome. I won't loose the outline and I want to keep it a bit more comic-booky. Other than that I am open for any suggestions.
my entry for the international self portrait day, roughly 3hrs

and the final Halloween Illustration :)

Hope ya like it
some pages from my sketchbook and some caricatures and stuff
strong updates mate ;3 love the portrait it's great! just keep an eye on those edges, you don't want to get to fuzzy in your paingings. cheers!
Yo Rama, thanks for the crit, I will have a look at your portraits again to see how you do it and steal all of your secrets ;)

here's the caricature class' 3rd assignment, still WIP but almost finished. We got the sketch from Jason and the goal was to do a greyscale render in PS and really push it. I didn't desaturate the ref but left it in color so I could practice seeing values in colors at the same time.
Here is the final assignment.

C n C always welcome
some sketches and skull-studies. The colored one is a stilllife of a skull I made in clay after studying skulls. The portrait is from a photo of my girlfriend, but it is a bit exaggerated around the mouth area.
a new card for the game "Dungeon League" as usual it is a collab between Lena Kuschke (lines) and colors (me)

At first I thought about having a subsurface scattering effect in her wing, but in the end that would be distracting and so I left it out.
hey guys,

some 30sec and 90sec gestures using I used the Lazynezumi plugin for the lines. I think it is a good programm but I am not sure if it can become a crutch really fast.

also some logo designs for dungeon league and work for the next assignment for the caricature class. This time we have to do a monochromatic painting of a person we can choose ourselves. So I chose my brother haha :D

also some color studies and a spitpainting. The theme was "the pink skyscraper". I don't like how it turned out, it looks really amateurish to me.

C and C welcome :)
Flo those caricatures rock! Refreshing stuff man :)
Great updates man. Keep them coming ;3
Hey guys,

I am currently reciding at my parent's place, but I still wanted to keep up with posting art. So here it goes, some pages from my sketchbook, which is close to being full. :D It always feels great to fill a sketchbook! I am working through "Glen Villpu's Drawing Manual", because I want to improve those drawing skills. I am way less happier with them, than with my painting . Not that my painting abilities are very good, I just feel like I have to work on my drawing skills way more. Drawing boxes and making them flow through space is one of the exercises in the book. More and more I feel that a strong grasp of perspective is essential for good drawings. So I guess I will have to brush up on that subject soon too.

On a different note: I have been accepted into a freelancer-net-pool which is called "Colorscale Design". The idea is that we can offer a huge spectrum of design-knowledge as a team and help people to realize their visions. Its pretty exciting and I can't wait for the first projects to start.

And even more personal: my pregnant girlfriend went to the doctor today and confirmed that everything is good and healthy with our little daughter-to-come. Yes, I am going to be a dad. This is by the most exciting thing happening in my life so far and to be honest it can be scary at times. But I am sure everything will be fine.

That's it for now. Here a small video for your enjoyment by the great Ryan Lang:
Tried something new and failed... this was supposed to be something like Ryan Lang's ninja turtle

Will try it again soon
a hazy day

this is the final caricature of my brother. I will print this and give it to him as a christmas gift.

what do you think about it?
hey guys,

working on a writing and a logo for a game.

what do you think? too boring? It is supposed to be used for the game-box so I wanted it to look good but since I don't get a lot of money for it, I feel like exploiting myself a bit. anyway, crits and comment very welcome .)
hey guys,

here are some sketchbook pages from when I stayed at my parents for 2 weeks. The one water color picture with the 2 trees was done outside as well as the drawing of the building. Both times it was really cold so my mom made me gloves with holes for the fingers so I can draw and have warm hands at the same time. Pretty neat, huh?

Anyways I am working my way slowly through Glen Vilppu's Drawing Manual, I recommend you check that out if you can. It is just really good to start over with drawing once more and learn it from the ground up.

Also I decided to do studies and reading up on stuff more on weekends and try to do focused work during the week. I sometimes had the feeling that I couldn't do work before I hadn't done at least one study, which at times really slowed me down. And as good as slowing down is, it hightend the pressure on me, when I really had to do something but didn't do it right away.

And I had a rather unpleasant experience the other day. I had given someone an offer for doing characters for them for 200€ the piece. I thought I had a good offer but in the end, they went with someone who is doing them for 150€ the piece. The other guy is doing 1 per week. That means he gets 600€ per week. The fuck? How can he live of that? It is really strange to have this feeling of being to expensive while not even having started freelancing lol.

I hope my other endeavours are blessed with more success. For instance I am working on that logo above for 80€, which is incredibly low and I have sunken more than 12 hours of work into it. It was partly my mistake (not working focused enough) and partly theirs (not deciding what they want and wanting changes), but mainly it was because I had no contract with them to begin with. So next time I will say: Sketch 25% of the money, Final Design 30%, Color Comps 30%, Final Picture 15%. And any rework after that goes by an hourly rate. That way I increase the
pressure on their side and safe myself of grey hair. My dad gave me that advice and I will try it next time and tell you how it worked out.

here is the WIP for the current caricature course's assignment

due date is 5th so c and c are more than welcome :)
Here ist the 5th assignment for the class I am taking over at Schoolism. We had to warm up with caricature sketches of 3 random people. Then choose 1 of 2 celebreties and paint them with a split-complementary palette.
I never worked with limited palettes before so I learned a ton this time. There is still a lot that I don't know, but I feel like I found an entry into a new area, that was unknown to me before. I will definitely explore it more in the future. :)
niiiiice. nice volume of work, and i can see you're improving like crazy. comparing your work from the top of this single page to the newest stuff, there is big difference in quality. good job. keep it up! xd
Hey Rama, thanks man. I will try to keep it up, but soon my 1st child will be born and I foresee a drop in productivity. Today I was totally busy preparing the apartment for the baby-girl. I can't wait to have her here :) It feels a bit like I get dragged away from my dream (painting / drawing), but I think that I will have a new perspective on that as soon as she is born. In the end I am doing all this not only for me, but to help sustain a family. And that family will grow soon. Infact I feel like this gives me a lot of energy and focus and I think that I have a way healthier view towards doing art than before. But I am rambling now, so back to arts. below are the latest results of my caricature-grind and a color study to understand fire-light better.
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