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Full Version: Flo's sketchbook
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quick update, working on a bigger study, not ready to show :)
Woah, awesome, you are doing the same kind of studies I'm gonna be doing shortly! :) I'm doing the Dynamic Sketching series at Draw a Box, currently stuck at the plants. That bug looks pretty awesome. I like the idea of focusing our attention on a particular point by drawing a circle on the drawing. I had a tendency to add detail everywhere and make things visually cluttered, this fixes that.
Hey Mecha: the circle is actually a critical part, as you will see in the lecture. thanks for the kind words.

Here is the assignment for week 6, study of Bouguereau's "Dante and Virgil in Hell". I love that piece. Creature design, perfect anatomy, strong story, great comp, it has it all. It took some time to get it to this level and I still see mistakes, but I want to get to the next thing.

The other thing is an illustration I did for myself. C and C very welcome.
That last one is lookin good. Looks like you applied a few of the things you've learned in the last few pages.
hey Dennis,

yes I am trying. :)
doing some portrait work and block-ins. And I worked some more on my hero-picture. Feeling a bit weird about it, but a friend asked me to do it, so I guess it is okay to paint something that looks so glorified.
hey guys,

I haven't posted in ages, hope someone still is reading this.

Anyhoo I did some gesture practice with M.Hamptons book. Can't recommend it enough, it is pure gold. Well fuck gold it is diamant. Gö check it oüt!

Also some quick painting practice (5min) and 2 long poses.
Hey Flo, I'm still reading this! Any thread can be brought back to life with consistent updates. :-) Nice figure drawing studies. Hampton's techniques look awesome! There's a very nice sense of energy in all this.

Was that girl in the SB page from life or imagination?
none of it actually, it was from a magazin our national train company gives out free. while driving to Amsterdam I had a little time.
gästures, hands are hard
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