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Full Version: Flo's sketchbook
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Thanks guys!
haha, the owl came out great. Love it. He looks so inquistive. Nice one : ).
hi guys,
just a quick update
Nice progress in this thread, awesome application of the armor study on to the owl on the last page, looks great :)
hey daggers,

i have been doing more pencil stuff during the time in bucharest, so here are some of the more interesting pages.
also some bridgman studies.
another thing is that i am currently re-working some portfolio pieces, since i got some feedback in bucharest which i want to use...
also i had to do some non-drawing work to get some money, which i always hate to do, but sometimes it is necessary.
and lastly i work on a game-project with some friends (as i said) and i havent shown most of the stuff i am doing there. but maybe that changes soon.
so hopefully, in the future, i will have more to show.

Sweet, very nice improvement ;3 Love those new stuff you did <3
thanks rama :)
Some inspiring sketches, maybe i gonna "steal" some ideas to sketch if that's ok? :)
sure man, i would be honored! sharing is caring and so on. let me know what you did with it, I want to see that!
oooh bridgman, you are so fine...
made it through the "mouth"
Look at all of them kissable lips, great job. You killed it with those environments in your last post too.
Nice stuff bro =)you getting better and better.The bubbles looks now really good!
thanks dwalker, those environments took some time though, so it is maybe not yet production-pipeline-ready. :(

thanks bate, your idea worked really good for that picture :)

just a small update: some pirates and stylized heads (and a quick Zbrush sculpt)

lol the sketch of the dude with the big tooth up top!
nice pencils, also the "geyser" illustration from above is awesome
thanks guys :)
the environments and studies are looking good, keep it up!
That waterfall tower on the smokey island came out especially nice man! Good studies too, keep it up.
just a quick bierstadt study, it is not finished, but i move on to something else now... :)
@dennis: thanks a lot, i will!

i didnt knew this painter, beautiful landscapes.
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