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Full Version: CC 05 Finals
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Here ya go! came out pretty abstract & stylized but I don't mind that; was a fun exploration piece!


Looking really good so far y'all!

Sorry I didn't get to make a WiP thread, a hectic month meant I only had the last couple days to pull this together.  Looking at everyone else's really inspired me and made me push myself that much further though!
Winksince the deadline is extended I made some changes to it
Well, that was fun.


(one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong~)
Planet Xavia is a planet where technolofy and nature exist in symbiosis. Main economy sector is trade. It has  the biggest intergalaxy market, a large area under a dome. Xavian architects prefer to cover buildings with a heptagon+diamond pattern, which is caused by local weather conditions as well as culture. Most of the ships arrive to the space station first, then after customs procedures via teleport to the planet. Being a large trade center, this planet is a dwelling area of all kinds of weird alien races, some of them shown in the foreground.
WIP thread
That was fun, here is my final good luck everyone :)

[Image: cc5_WIP.jpg]
[Image: cc5_final.jpg]

WIP Thread
thank you so much for this assignment, i've flip flopped and pushed through being uncomfortable and now i know what i need to work on the most! I've stayed up all night till about now making a new image and pushing it to this. It's a horrid image but i'm happy i was able to push myself this far, expect much more from me in the future.