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Full Version: Does anyone here deal with a chronic health quirk?
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So this is probably the oddest question on here, haha!  I just find it really interesting and therapeutic to openly discuss our health quirks, and how it's either given you strength, or killed motivation to art, or does absolutely nothing because you're a boss. Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're alone when you face certain ailments. It might be encouraging to someone (it certainly is to me) to hear that this isn't the case.

I used to be a healthy-never-went-to-the-doctor individual but then [redacted]

What about you guys? Any weird health stories you'd like to share?
History of bad tickers.

Years ago, the doctor found out I have an extra beat to my heart, like there's something wrong with the valve. Of course, we asked if it was serious. He basically shrugged it off, saying: "I wouldn't worry about it now!".

Just super random, out of the blue, sharp heart/chest pain and it doesn't happen often. In fact, it rarely happens. It sucks.. but what canya do! When it's time to go, then it's time to go!

Looks like somebody here doesn't need to worry about getting thyroid fever!

Where's the anxiety coming from? You mean, like, "when's the next big one going to happen?"
Oof, heart related stuff can be scary. Have you heard of the artist Qinni? She went through 3 open heart surgeries in the span of 2 months and she's only 25. She's a serious boss lady. Thankfully yours is nothing nearly as serious!

The anxiety comes from the fear that the doctors missed something, so it's an uncomfortable reminder that spurs up now and again, that's all :) It would be nice if doctors knew for sure what was causing it, though.
Ah I'm sorry you deal with that and anxiety, I know it's no fun :/ I always have something going on and it never ceases. I've come to the conclusion my body just hates me xD Just about 6 months ago I got done with physical therapy for my tendinitis I have in both of my knees. About 2 months or so after that, I ended up tearing a muscle in my lower back above the right side of my hip. I figured it was just a random pain at first or something that would go away, it was 3 months in before I finally stopped being stubborn and went to my doctor. Turns out, along with that I had scoliosis this whole time but it didn't start curving my spine until the swelling in my back acted up. It's mostly gone know but I'm still going to therapy for it ^^; and not to mention a few days ago I randomly got some sort of infection in my leg that I'm now on antibiotics for so...yeah, my body hates me xD
And to go along with the killing or helping motivation? The whole back problem actually killed my motivation for about a month or 2 because I couldn't do much more than lay in my bed :/
Oh dude, I read my comment again. It read like I was comparing my deficiencies with you like it was a contest to see which guy has it worse. And I made myself look like I conquered this thing I got and, of course, I haven't. There are times when my chest tightens and turns painful, I panic and start bracing for the big one. It feels like I'm wussing out over something as laughable as a heartburn. Haha! And my predicament is nothing compared to what both of you guys (you and Espa) have, when it comes to physical trauma.

Quote:Have you heard of the artist Qinni? She went through 3 open heart surgeries in the span of 2 months and she's only 25. She's a serious boss lady

God. Brutal. Is she alright? How's she doing?

Quote:The anxiety comes from the fear that the doctors missed something, so it's an uncomfortable reminder that spurs up now and again, that's all :) It would be nice if doctors knew for sure what was causing it, though.

You mean, it's nice to know what's causing so they'd know how to stop the swelling? Or you're okay with knowing just for the sake of knowing?

And, I hope this doesn't intrude into your private life, but has this thing gotten in the way of your social life (or any part of your life for that matter)? Or are you living pretty much normally? Like everything's pretty much the same, except for the random swelling?
Crazy how the days whip by.

Espa, so sorry to hear you're having to deal with all sorts of annoying ailments. I hope you're doing well overall despite the minor setbacks. I think having a positive outlook really helps. ^^

John, I don't follow Qinni too closely but from her most recent posts, she looks to be doing just fine. I just can't imagine how terrifying that must have been.

It would be nice to know for sure what was causing it but I think I'll try not to over stress it..the only reason it makes me anxious is it's in a region where they took out cancer last year. So maybe it's just my body adjusting, who knows.
And nah, doesn't intrude with my social life. :D The swelling isn't outwardly visible at least.
Oh. Now I see why. And good to hear that it doesn't affect the other aspects of your life! You get that region checked regularly?
I can share my health story because it was the longest battle so far and it was closely related to art.

About 3-4 years ago I had some issues with my fingers in the drawing hand. Especially PIP joint of index finger and extensor tendons. Every time I pressed stronger with wacom pen or pencil on paper it hurt in the joint and at some point I used some unusual grip with hope that it would go away. Cold air from air conditioning aggravated it even more. It lasted so many months that I felt like it will stay with me forever and I would have to get used to it. At the lowest point mentally I even thought I would change my career to something that doesn't involve drawing. Also I couldn't get the right diagnosis for a long while.

Eventually I went to the right USG specialist and she found out I had mild osteoarthritis in my joint and she said it will slowly go away but it might come back. I also realized I was always using the wrong grip on the pen where I was squeezing it instead of lightly holding it between my fingers. The pressure on the fingers was was even more extreme during stress or tight deadline. Unfortunately switching back to right type of grip was not enough at this point because damage has been done. So for a long time I tried many things to accelerate the healing. I went to physiotherapists. I tried anti-inflammatory gels, collagen supplements, stretching, some strengthening exercises and even contrast bath hydrotherapy during breaks. I slowed down with my art totally and I only did what was necessary for work.

Few months gone by and the pain very slowly went away and then disappeared completely (though it sometimes comes back). In the end I feel what contributed the most to complete healing was being super strict with taking micro-breaks during work (I had a Chrome extension with timer for that) and constantly focusing on relaxed hand. Also every time I went to sauna there was noticeable improvement in my finger. For the tendons the eccentric exercises might have also helped that physiotherapist showed me.

It's so good now I don't even think about my hand anymore but back the then it felt super desperate. If you can learn something from this - Work in ergonomic way, take frequent breaks and try not to get stressed to much. If you get some sort of RSI it's still possible to recover from this even while working.
Haaaa, I've been having some hand/wrist pain that I've been too lazy/scared to have looked at. Y'all are making me reconsider that.

I'm fortunate to be mostly physically well, but I'm moderately mentally ill? (I've chosen moderately after listening to other people describe themselves as high functioning). I take a lot of psych drugs. I actually can't have weed because it will make me hear things.

People seem to think being crazy is good for an artist... I can assure you that it is not.
"Living with a chronic health condition can be difficult, but seeking support and understanding from people who have similar experiences can make a huge difference. Remember that you are not alone in your path.

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