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Full Version: Informal CC September Challenge
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Hi All,  this thread as mentioned in the Crucible Announcements is for you to pop in your finished illustrations by September 22 2016.

This isn't a formal CC round, so no judges and no brief.  You come up with the idea and the format and just go hell for leather on it. Please make it an illustration, so no concept designs or just a character on a white page. If you want to do a comic, go for it!

You can post your wips in here as well, no worries.

This is the perfect opportunity to keep up the momentum in the gap between proper CCs and to keep building your skills and finishing illustrations.
You will get some guaranteed critiques on your pieces, so get cracking!
Oops, it is very valid for me to let my piece here!
here is my final
learned a lot about rendering faces :)
[Image: 3Fk6Lhw.jpg]
Here's my final - it's been great fun but I need to catch up on some sleep now :).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=91293]
Alright this is about all I could do, by the time I finish work tomorrow I'll be past the deadline!

This is my second acrylic painting and I learnt a lot! Mostly that I need to buy more paint.. these 12ml tubes aren't big enough! Bu really, I cant wait to do another :)
My final:
[Image: 29207262023_323a529086_h.jpg]

Kinda unhappy with it, mostly because of the lighting. I think I reverted to a more comfort zoney style instead of painting it properly. But i'll keep practicing painting on other pieces. Still learned a butt load doing this though. :)
Basically still cleaning it up and slightly adjusting things. This is what I have for CC. Basic premise is the Goblin is just a scavenger in this kind of junkyard planet and is confronted by a superior warrior.
[Image: qzSFfix.jpg]
Basically, a casually commissioned thing - meant to be one of three designs to be used as MTG tokens. This one is to be 'Spirit' and my only guidelines were a look at my old stuff and an "I like this one, but better, and more detailed.": [attachment=91326

Which I think did the job. 

No studies or planning because I force things. If I start it I finish it I don't have divided interests. And uh... Make me. 

Now, onto the others...
Not sure what the rules are. I have been working for the past month in this illustration, can i use it?
Thanks for all the entries guys, thread has now been closed, the critique stream will be announced once a time has been fixed within a week or so.