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Full Version: Zorrentos Sketchbook
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Call me Zorrentos.

I am currently working in the game industry in Sweden. Hoping to continue to grow and improve as much as possible by being active in this community and posting my work and studies :)

Original 2016 post:

Because Zorrentos NEEDS to get better!  Angry

Its definitely time to start a sketchbook on here. Going to try and keep this updated every now and then  Thumbs_up 
I like to do all sorts of art, and I really wanna get better at it. I do 2D art, 3D art and a bunch of other stuff. I really love new kinds of software and im a bit obsessed with learning new stuff. 

Here are some of my older work: 

Drawings / Comic style artwork:

[Image: A0RgPJ3.jpg]

[Image: Fcxo8e7.jpg]

[Image: K0EeauD.jpg]


[Image: vVew3iQ.jpg]

[Image: TuA2O68.jpg]

Pure 3D work:

[Image: BY8eiSp.jpg]
My current WIP stuff: An image for Crimson Crucible with a "free subject" (aka whatever we want)

I choose to start doing the bloodsports again, starting with Bloodsport 1: Sci Fi hunter and pet.

Girl Designs:

[Image: Xr97EWm.jpg]

Some thumbnails:

[Image: 7Zk15gU.jpg]

Here are some tests in zbrush for the creature: 

[Image: rLMaEs5.jpg]

[Image: 9ayz7IU.jpg]

Also started doing an environment in 3d Coat/ Zbrush/ Maya:

[Image: I1zFujL.jpg]

You can follow along in my thread:
A new character im working on

[Image: dEqqznE.jpg]

[Image: hsMLtHn.jpg]
Happy Inktober!  Thumbs_up 


[Image: oejBeXf.jpg]
Inktober 2/31

Self portrait from mirror (before haircut)

[Image: WNRLhPN.jpg]
Inktober 3/31

A girl and her cat

[Image: 4IhmedQ.jpg]
Nice studies & sketches :)
Thank you very much Prabu! 

Todays Inktober: A scene from a dream I had.


[Image: LQye1Ke.jpg]
Inktober 5/31 

Comfy NEET artist.

[Image: zr3QpCM.jpg]
Going for lunch with your coworker when you are on a diet ... 

Inktober 6/31

[Image: hS2Kf44.jpg]
German ww1 soldier

Inktober 7/31

[Image: qSHhPl4.jpg]
Dogs barking at a train

Inktober 8/31

[Image: 9qosOmN.jpg]
Good stuff mate. Those inks are hilarious, keep at it.
Happy to hear Slapper! Thanks a lot!  Thumbs_up

Crusader Knight

Inktober 9/31

[Image: ECGLHZA.jpg]
Inktober of the day 


[Image: KwIqDOe.jpg]
Inktober of the day 


[Image: hYWtGEZ.jpg]
Inktober 12/31

[Image: Em6mA7Q.jpg]
Inktober 13/31

Self portrait after haircut (finally! Meh)

[Image: fbohldK.jpg]
Sketch for my CC6 challenge: 

[Image: 4dZHg1r.jpg]
Inktober 14/31

[Image: YOseUhg.jpg]
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