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Full Version: My goals are simple, you see...
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[Daily Goals] Do one life drawing, one "for fun" drawing, regardless of what it is. Read an article/10 pages or watch 20 minutes of art material. 
[Weekly] Update CD Sketchbook thread
[Monthly] Visit local art museum
The daily and weekly goals seem great! Drawing every day and updating is a sure way to move forward as an artist. But are you really going to visit a museum every month (granted, I dont know witch museums u have in your area)? Maybe you want to consider "mixing it up a bit" with other stuff such as "Go to one sketchmeet every month" or "make a plein air painting" or something similar.

Good luck with your goals!
Will be checking out your Sketchbook every week then! And awesome! Museums!
Sounds good Taunty :).

One thing that can help is to have a narrower focus to begin with e.g. environments or anatomy or objects. Helps to prevent that feeling that there is too much to learn all at once.

Good luck anyway :).