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Full Version: AnkhMorpork wip
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Hello all,
I have been working on an environment for my dissertation, but it i dont think its coming along great atm, it looks too populated to me. i dont know where to push detail, what to scrap, and generally im not very happy about the composition and the lack of depth. I am also not sure about the colours, i initially liked my colour palette but i dont know how to carry on from here.
Any help/critisism would be greatly appreciated! :))

Here's the link to the picture, (I ve been aimlessly trying to figure out how to attach a picture , must be something stupidly easy that I did not think of lol)

(btw the town is supposed to be AnkhMorpork, the fantastic town from terry pratchett's discworld books)
Done a quick paintover for you, hope you don;t mind and more importantly i hope it helps you!
[Image: blarghonkblarg.jpg]


Thanks a lot for the suggestions, especially for the buildings on the right, thats something i was really thinking of doing, i was just being too precious with the light on the right. And i defintitely have to brighten the image up. (Funny thing is when swich to my pc,where i made it, it is still dark but not THAT dark, i mean the levels are just SO horrible on the laptop! lack of calibrationI guess. i just didnt even know such a big difference would even be possible.) I was also thinking about throwing textures later on, I just wanted to carry on without any for now as its still in a very rough state and I d rather not rely on textures for this until I make it right :) but yeah cg textures is aweeesome. Thanks for the post again :)
Can you also let me know HOW you attach pictures on here? haha
There's a button in the compose message screen, think it's meant to be mountains and a red sun. Anyway upload your image to somewhere (i use imageshack) get the fullscreen url, click the red sun mountain pic on here and paste in the url: Job Done!
Oh and make sure you save the image as a small file or it may be too big on the thread to see whats going on!