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Full Version: Update SB Everyday (w.e.f. 17th Dec,2016)
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They say it takes 49 days to form a habit, known as the X-Effect

My goals are pretty simple.

Main Goal-

-Be A Well Rounded Visual Artist, Develop A Concept Art Portfolio by August 31, 2017

-Be honest to myself, believe in myself and my skills and stop worrying 

General Daily Goals 

1. Update  Online SB everyday starting from 17th December, 2016 at 11pm I.S.T. (Does not include personal assignments)
2. Show Up For Straw Hat Pirate Training Everyday (Secret, will reveal when complete)
3. Wake Up At 4am everyday (because - Yohohohoh~! :D )
4. Go To Bed At 11pm
5. Finish Due Assignments On Time  (High Priority, Personal And Not to be Updated On SB)

Personal Goals

-Be addicted to creating art
-Stop watching TV and eating junk food
-Stop Mindless Sketching And Sketch Efficiently 
-Aim to make every sketch better than the previous one
-Develop Creative/Artistic Thinking And Make It Very Natural Through Practice
-Do Daily Check-In Of Daily Habit Tracker
-Make an overview sheet of completed goals with an overview sketch sheet at end of the month
-Develop good communication skills

Monthly Goal (17th Dec, 2016 To Jan 28, 2017)

STAGE 1 - 

-Work Through Draw A Box Lesson 1, seedling's thread (lesson 1,2 and 3) and Ctrl+Paint assignments (section 1)
-Study Steve Houston's YouTube Video On Face Construction (3 hour demo) and apply what I learn
-Study VI Series (Stored on Hard Drive) (Observational Drawing Lessons)
-Complete Assignments On Time 

-Do An Accuracy Study Everyday
-Do A Memory Study Everyday


-Study Andrew Loomis Books (Faces and Figure Drawing made easy)
-Study Norling's Perspective Made Easy and APPLY what I learn
-Fill up 1 physical sketchbook and overcome shyness of filling it up
-Study Sketching Manga Vol 1 and apply what I learn from there
-Build/Create 1 Portfolio-Ready Piece Of Artwork 



Success Criteria:

-Know your learning and applying pace 
-When in doubt, sketch a 100!
-Be able to draw figures in perspective
-Be able to draw objects in perspective , from life, imagination and photos 
-Be able to remember certain aspects of images, like character's faces etc.
-Be able to render values from life and sketch from life easy-peasy-buttery-greasy

Note: Can rewrite these goals once you find your pace. 

Completed Goals So Far:

Update this section upon task completion

After 49 days, my goals will be rewritten. For now, start simple and manageable.
28th of every month will be goal check-in
Yaharrr me hearty!! These 'ere goals sound pieces of eight awesome!

Just ye remember not to beat yerself up too much if tings don't go ta plan!

Just ye pick yerself up and carries on and be strong to the finish! Yeeharrrr (not really piratey but what the heck).

Good luck to ye!
Oh dude.. you're totally bombing on your first daily goal!

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