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Full Version: Evil Guy Help
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[Image: outofthedark2.jpg]

I've been working on this dude for about two days, any comments or critiques would be more than welcome =)
Hey! Did a little paintover while I had lunch, I'm not gonna lie I went way over the top to a point where I feel kinda bad posting it aha If you're going for the whole keeping the lines thing, and stylising, then ignore like 90% of this, that was just to make it easier for me to paint over. I'm also aware that the orange light kills the creepy mood you were going for, so I'd also ignore that and go for a blue pallete. In terms of what not to ignore, look at catwalk models and see how their hips and shoulders act as balance shifts between the legs. I'd also use the cities and the mist to pop out his silhouette, which should be the most dominant part of the image. If you look around you'll see I tried to keep him either way dark or way lighter than the background, depending on how light the area was. In terms of anatomy, smaller head, wider torso and hips, thicker arms. Hope this helps, and like I said, sorry for going overkill. Think this ended up being more the fun of painting it than helping out D:
[Image: darkfenrir-badass.jpg]
I do want to stick with a more stylized, outline for this but I appreciate the help! I actually went with a warmer tone for it and improved his anatomy a little bit