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Full Version: Coinhero's sketchbook
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[Image: BwUrLIZ.jpg]

woke up super early today and made this sketch, obviously still needs a lot of work but I'll be using it as reference for an oil painting that I want to do.

some stuff I never got around to posting 
[Image: haxcrD2.jpg]

[Image: t3jeLdX.jpg]
I'm not sure how to do the pov of eyes opening thing, if anyone has ideas feel free to share.

[Image: HGezAjA.jpg]

3D figure got printed and it looks great all things considered. I started painting it today and its pretty much done but I want to wait for the paint to dry so I can do another coat and get rid of all the green bleeding through the paint. I'll post a better picture when its done.
I don't think I ever posted the finished 3d model, when I stopped posting stuff everyday I lost track
coinhero, last of the mohicans
forgot to upload this 

[Image: c3ZWwG6.jpg]

photo study from yesterday 
[Image: WJUjDrg.jpg]

[Image: BQestvy.jpg]
I was super rushed making this and how to wrap it up quick so some areas are mega fucked x.x no point in going back and fixing it now tho

I've been doing a lot of 3D stuff here is a quick snap from substance 
[Image: ta8k7PN.png]

basicly did the retopology twice in 3DCoat, second time it turned out ok, then had a lot of problems with baking a normal map on the new topo but eventually got it working. Unwraped in 3DCoat too, I'm not sure why there's artifacting on the arm I'm guessing its a problem with the UV unwrap but I really don't know. Anyway I spend a stupid amount of time just doing retopology and stuff so I'm just going to continue with the crappy uv's I'm just using this model to learn.

[Image: 1fSNxFf.jpg]

[Image: 2WBxOK4.jpg]

[Image: OUEVaQ3.jpg]

I painted over some of the early pages because my style and stuff as super different back when I made them. 

[Image: YTHtAl1.jpg]

and finally this is a sketch I'm currently working on
[Image: tatcbbm.jpg]

[Image: 0umoqv4.jpg]

 I did mostly graphic design stuff today T.T
I need to like tweak stuff around, play with the warp tool and pull some sliders around but I'm too tired to do it now.
[Image: ASg7u1s.png]

Sculpt I'm working on it's mostly just a block in at this point, not that I'm going to make it detailed or anything. The Momji sculpt I made a while ago was done with 3Dprinting in mind so it's all one object and you can't really do much with it but for this I want to make the model in a way where you can actually rig it and put materials and stuff like that. I'll work on the face last I think because there's a lot of technical things I'm not sure how to do there. 
It's too much effort to make a turntable and render it edition
[Image: Rtu6XE9.png]

Turntable url because I can't figure out how to insert it in to post x.x

just the hard bits are left now
I worked on the frog and started laying in the hand today

[Image: Ysa94yj.png]

and here is a screen shot just to show what the eyes actually look like 
[Image: 7CXkIcQ.png]

materials are just placeholder, I think after its all finished I'll paint everything in substance.

Yea a lot of stuff needs to be done, the interaction between the thumb and the frog hand is hard, I move them around and the scale got all messes up -,- and the thumb was looking pretty good before that. Took a lot of reference pictures too because I really don't get how to sculpt in a more stylized anime-ish way, I'm trying but its really hard.
I should have changed the camera lens before making pictures everything is a bit too distorted, you don't notice it while sculpting and moving around. Maybe I should sculpt in orthographic view or something idk

[Image: MeyOemp.jpg]

worked on froggy and arms/hands, everything looks really skinny with the matcap but its fine in rendered view

[Image: w1MurbG.png]

did a lot of stuff to the hair and various little things for the clothes, I need to fix the shoulder it got messed up when fitting the left arm. Originally I had him holding the frog with just one hand and the other one was on his waist and stuff messed up over time. Spending more time modeling and less sculpting would have been a good idea.
[Image: xjRH16P.jpg]

I shouldn't take pictures with the matcap on it makes everything looks so creepy x.x 

Sculpted, read a lot of workflow stuff, decided to keep everything separated, fucked around with addons and stuff for a few hours, retopo'd and exported everything and I started doing the UV unwrapping but I'll finish it tomorrow. I only did about an hour or two of sculpting and the rest was learning stuff and trying to figure things out, I still don't have a good workflow in 3D and everything is hard. I baked the belt, put it in substance and everything looked great so at least that gives me confidence.

Tomorrow seems pretty straight forward only thing I'm not sure how to do is putting all the meshes into substance as one thing, I think I'll only do the frog in substance and everything else will just be materials made in blender. Not sure about the final render yet I had some pretty ambitious ideas but I'm getting too overwhelmed at this point.
[Image: VAKGJZQ.jpg]

Color study from the latest Mateusz Urbanowicz video I did yesterday and forgot to post x.x

and I was doing some thumbnails a few mins ago and I think this is what I'll work on today

[Image: dHTc1uv.png]

for the 3D stuff I baked everything and stuff but I when I put everything on one fbx and load it in substance when i load the normal maps for everything its like the low poly is on top of the normal map. I don't know why and I don't want to deal with it now

[Image: romRESE.jpg]
for clarity

and some painting I did
[Image: 0ghUXFy.jpg]
[Image: Q0CxUfC.jpg]

worked on the background today
[Image: kJytlqs.jpg]

[Image: y44FWkN.jpg]

from yesterday and today
the little boy sculpture has very creepy eyes :O
@Fedodika this is what the eye looks like rendered 
[Image: 3J3EcNY.png]
looks super weird in solid mode tho, problem is it's not only the eye that's creepy everything is creepy on that sculpt T.T I mostly just wanted to learn the process because the first sculpt I did was sculpted the same way you would make a background prop like a table or something.

[Image: NSdbeJj.jpg]

painting from today
idk much about 3d but it seems like if you were drawing anime style eyes that were flat by nature, youd want to take a sort of pen tool and just carve them into the head, instead of building a realistic eyeball since that anatomy would follow realistic forms
(01-29-2019, 07:08 AM)Fedodika Wrote: [ -> ]idk much about 3d but it seems like if you were drawing anime style eyes that were flat by nature, youd want to take a sort of pen tool and just carve them into the head, instead of building a realistic eyeball since that anatomy would follow realistic forms

Yea that's what I would like to do but then you can't animate them or apply a different material to them and you would have to texture paint the eyes on to the face  which is what I did on the last sculpt. Just sculpting the eyes makes a lot more sense but later on down the line it causes problems. It's like having everything on an image on the same layer and trying to move things around or change the color of a specific object vs having the background and focal point on different layers.
[Image: ih5Stqu.png]

example of eyes and eye lashes as a separate object. This is what I'm going for I just don't have a lot of experience and suck at it x.x

also here's eyes as texture but I don't know how to do that (without fucking it up) yet even tho it's probably a more simple approach 

[Image: iN0ZqJ8.png]

tl;dr I just wanted to learn how to do them in a different way to what I did on my first sculpt
I did a lot of sculpting to try and fix everything but the more I try to fix stuff the more I want to just start from scratch  on stuff like the head and arms and I'd rather just make something new at that point. It's really hard noticing when you fuck up while sculpting, I'll definitely put a lot more time in to modeling a good base for whatever I decide to do next in 3D. Gave up on doing stuff in substance because it's just too overwhelming for me at this point. I'll do better next time T.T

[Image: Frog-Boy-Turntable.gif]
alt link:
University is starting in a few days and I focused on finishing assignments today, sketched this out first.

[Image: Ab9QCz0.jpg]
photo study from today

[Image: SX1iHLY.jpg]

[Image: ae5ebfaf3456be1c6d923dd093beba5f.jpg]

other than this I spent the day making a script / storyboarding 13 more pages for the momji comic I was working on for uni. I hate not having a project to work on and just painting random stuff is bad. I actually have something to go off of and have all the panels thumbnailed or at least described so I hope I wont have to improvise that much while painting. That being said I'll be doing much more technically difficult stuff this time around T.T nothing is easy, except this study I did today that was a piece of cake lol
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