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Full Version: Abandoned Hideout Art Group!
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EDIT: Made an Abandoned Hideout Discord Channel!

Hey guys!

Ihor Pasternak started this group a few years ago, and it's been instrumental in pushing my work many levels (as has CD). Getting honest, considerate and thoughtful critiques, paintovers, idea suggestions and some funny banter has really motivated me when I felt alone and unsure. Doing art at a computer is a pretty lonely game sometimes!

So, as is the way of Skype groups, the number of active participants has dropped.

We're looking for new people to join. This group has always been open for anyone, at any level, who wants to support and be supported by others working towards similar goals. No post ever goes unnoticed, if critique is asked for, it is always given! We just ask that you give as much as you receive, but there is no obligation to respond quickly - we are pretty casual, since making art is everyone's individual goal, that takes priority of course!

Reply here or send me a message, or contact me on Skype: 'jyonnynovice' and I will add you!
I am a longtime member of this group, and I can really recomend it! We have always tried to keep it serious and dedicated (whitout the need to spend hours every day in it of course). Every time I have shown some artworks, other members have been quick to point out errors and give overpaints, and in return, I have always tried to do the same. This has really helped me grow as an artist and also make new friends :)

If you decide to join, try to actually post your work, critique and be dedicated. This will really help you grow rather then just dropping in to dump work or never even writing anything.
Heya. I would be interested in joining. I normally use discord, but I'll try and remember to log into skype daily :P. I have sent you a skype request, @JyonnyNovice
I would be interested in joining :) I've sent a request
The group is getting lively again, thanks guys : ) anyone else wants to join just let us know ^^
I'd like to join as well :)
I would maybe like to join although I dont know how active I can be.


I've been searching for some art friends and I would love to join! Normally I keep to discord but I'll try to stay on skype more often! I've sent you a friend request!
sorry for the delay! added you guys now!
Too bad it's a skype group... but I guess you can't win them all! I hate skype :D. I'll join, sent you a request, thanks :)
is skype old skool already? :D I'll add you now ^^
Okay! due to popular demand, I've made a Discord Server! feel free to join here: