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Hi there, wants to improve my drawing skills really badly, hope you guys can help and push me beyond any limits !

yesterday and today stuff, some design studies, selfportrait, and pages from imagination( look at the cute little hands and feet of the last character ^^ )

hope to feed this thread a lot more in the coming days ! see ya !

[Image: bu2MQ9l.jpg]
[Image: SMM0eWA.jpg]
[Image: GjXO0hU.jpg]
[Image: Lh8ruuj.jpg]
today's stuff, some studies, speed painting from imagination( spaceship crashing into a forest ) and character design, by seeing what i do, i really need to improve ...

[Image: Kg7R00e.jpg]
[Image: BMZx8g8.jpg]
[Image: SVkqiKi.jpg]
[Image: q6rJwbP.jpg]
Hey kikindaface: i remember seeing you everywhere haha.

Well, I'm sure you know know by now that you have really nice linework, and you have gorgeous pencil studies.

I think what's going to help you improve the most at this point isn't so much a fundamental thing one could single out but more a mindset development. You draw lots of figures, who are they? what are they doing? posing? bending over? They seem... emotionless and stoic. Is that how people in your ideal world look? Sure we're all guilty of that stoic face when we're learning head drawing, but you've got that down my friend, try some expressions, it could liven up your work a lot.

You draw a self portrait, looks pretty dang good. Why'd you do it? to get a little better at what you're already good at? shading, and lineweight, structure etc.

Sure, some of your proportions, like in the arms could be better, I.E. they're too short. Some might be inconsistent, like a head is too big, the legs too long. But what purpose are these figures and sketches for. You're an artist, what are you working towards? Jobs? self expression? 

Try to get specific with what you want to do, because just improving is very broad and isn't very specific. Try to inject some story into your drawings, or some interactions; I notice myself telling a lot of people this at a similar stage. Best wishes my man, hope you keep posting
Your pencil sketches are amazing. The digital painting is good as well, the colors and concept are solid, but the lighting seems to be a bit unclear (the light from the thrusters vs the light on the plants). Also, I'm not sure if you've ever checked out Bridgman's Figure Drawing book, it has some pretty useful rules to help with proportions and such.

Awesome work, can't wait to see more.
Fedodika : thanks for the crit bro, needed to hear that ! it's so true that my characters are all generic and laking of life, and really, i want to learn to draw believable things, get a big range of expressions, and i know it's not only about the face but about the whole body language, need to get better at that ! thanks again, will be my main focus for my sketches from imagination !

dangelowallaceart : thanks dude, yep, so much things to work on : composition, values, textures, storytelling ! but i hope to learn a few things with those speed paintings !

today's stuff, not much actually, 1 generic speed and 1 generic character design . Need to put my heart on my drawings and step out of this muthafucking comfort zone ...

[Image: YTR0lAc.jpg]
[Image: T6DR7SV.jpg]
Man i love your lines <3 watch out for the feet of your people. They need to be right in perspecitve or the firgure wont look believable. Btw where did you get the arm reference? From your own or is there a fancy website for it?
NoodleInbox : thanks dude, yep grounded feet is so important, need to work on that ! For the arm references i'm drawing them from life with a mirror in front of me !

today's stuff : speed painting and a character design, tried to give more expression, not yet there, but meh, i guess i can't go from completely generic to expressive in a few drawings, baby steps ...

[Image: muONh3N.jpg]
[Image: fODMCeI.jpg]
stuff from the last few days .

[Image: 4Tj3xSw.jpg]
[Image: eGJlsZy.jpg]
[Image: dBL0MPa.jpg]
[Image: xwcHKle.jpg]
I really like that rough painting of the ent sort of creature facing the city. The values/composition are great, as is the contrast between the wild and the urban. Tells a bit of a story. You ask, does he feel threatened, or even curious?

I wonder if a similar approach would help your character design. Make a typical sort of character, and add one unexpected/contrasting element. (e.g. a tough guy with a teddy bear tattoo, or playing chess, or sadly holding a flower...) Just a thought.
Tygerson : thanks for the feedback ! yep maybe trying to add some contrast in the way you describe could be nice, maybe it depends of the purpose of the piece, might try that in any case ! Keep it up !

stuff from the last few days, can't do much than my daily chara design, fortunately starting monday i will have more free time ! learned to clean a bit my scan, so it's closer to the drawing version in term of values and sharpness !

[Image: QVAG2Pv.jpg]
[Image: imFOBWw.jpg]

[Image: m2E4AYu.jpg]
Thanks for the paintover! Yeah, I tend to be shaky on lighting.

I like the asymmetry of the zombie hunter lady. It's like she's picked up her wardrobe and weaponry as she goes along surviving post apocalypse.
Fedodika : yeah, i love bj too, expecially when it's well done ..... :D

Tygerson : glad it helped ! yeah, i've watched mad max 2 the evening before doing this character, loved the movie and wanted to draw a character from this world.

Today's sketch ! expect to see a lot more from now on ...

[Image: odrCeFN.jpg]
Yo Kikinda, I've been reading this book about illustration and setting up good scenes by loomis, I think it'd really help you if you combed through it and applied the compositions to your work, cheers m8

hi kikindaface, I think you have good foundations on figure drawing, line drawing and you are able to visualise your own idea <--this is veeeeery important. keep on the good work, you will get better and better
Fedodika : thanks dude, will read this book asap, it's been a while i had it on my hdd but never took the time to take a look !

AChi : thanks a lot !!!

today's stuff : anatomy study and some faces to try to understand expressions but i'm so bad at them ...

[Image: 67Nj1bD.jpg]
[Image: m2ayLxS.jpg]
[Image: ovWgCRg.jpg]
[Image: OAH1b09.jpg]
that last guy has a really nice hand!
Fedodika : thanks !! :D

so i fixed  the previous character's head, and decided to put some colors over it since i quite like the design, but my colors suck, especially color temperature, so decided to do a study where everything looks saturated, and did my daily character design .

[Image: 6GcL2Lk.jpg]
[Image: UGfgLxh.jpg]
[Image: fPqEkeG.jpg]
[Image: H8UG3DM.jpg]
Hey, man, havent seen your stuff before, it looks really good. Of course, you need to work on those skills even more, but thats true for all of us. I wonder, what is it that you want to draw or paint, what kind of subject matter intrests you?
Fuck yeah! I love your stuff man. I mean it shows that you are trying to do something orginal with every character you do! Keep posting its super motivating <3
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