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Full Version: DESQUOLOR's sketchbook -- journey to mastery
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Hello everyone! I will be practicing to get into the industry for concept art or freelance illustration by April of 2019.

I will be using this sketchbook to look for critique to push myself as far as humanly possible within that time. Thanks for joining me on my journey and good luck to all of you on the grind as well!!

Any guidance and honestly would be more than happily appreciated. nothing is too blunt.


Begun hand studies today, random dude from imagination to see where my figures are at, and twitch emotes. I've never done an emote before and I never paint much (which i need to change) so  it's safe to say I had no idea what I was doing. 

Now, back to studying hands :o
Welcome / welcome back. You seem to be on the right track, breaking things down in studies with shapes.

If you want to push yourself to paint more, why not add value to some of your figures or other studies once in a while? It's the next logical step with construction.
@thereisnojustice -- hello hello~! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to critique. I'll no doubt start incorporating value studies into my construction studies. :) 

As for today's art sessh, it was all hand studies! I'm sick of being afraid of them. 

I need to draw billions of 'em!!! Ahhhhh. I was mostly concerned with cementing the volumes, but with the hands being so focused on the bones it took a while for me to even wrap my mind around anything. And I'm still somewhat confused @_@
tried to focus on the volumes a bit more. gunna probably finish the night with a portrait and some hand studies if I can.
Hand studies and backpeddled into value after being annoyed at my poor shading ability. 

I felt as though I worked VERY slow today and I should've gotten a lot more done. I ended my studies feeling severely disappointed with the structure of the hands. The underlying volumes are not portraying the perspective or gesture well enough. Ahhh ._.;;
Welcome Desquolor :).

Good start here, you're doing some really useful exercises that should help you improve. With the hand studies, don't forget to throw in a few studies from life just to help improve your realism and reinforce the construction studies you've been doing.

Keep at it dude, you're doing well!
Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, Artloader! It's a pleasure to meet ya'! That's definitely something I'll try tomorrow! :)


I have no idea what I did today. LOL
Setting out to do more imaginary doodles to actually apply what I'm learning. Might dip into fanart too. But studies still take priority, I just don't want to use the excuse that I need to be better before I do those things.

This imagination exercise made me feel so frustrated @_@

Some hands. I'm still drawing atm, just felt like posting.
Gunna start painting soon as part of my schedule. 

Looking through some older, accomplished sketchbooks it seems like the ones who progressed the most are the ones with a lot of varied painting studies. I'm definitely gunna experiment and see what helps new information stick in my workflow. :D
1 hour figures -- the last pose I took my time in understanding.

8 hour value painting. my very first ever! was fun, but oh my god was it frustrating. I realized two things: edges are hard and I suck at blending. Any pointers anyone!?? pretty please!? D:
I could give you a comment on value but i think you need a comment on framing.Take the time to measure out the frame of the image or you will end up with a distortioned image of the original.The red portion is the amount of space missing from the original image
(05-09-2018, 11:27 PM)DESQUOLOR Wrote: [ -> ]edges are hard and I suck at blending. Any pointers anyone!??

With blending, there's no trick, really. If you're using photoshop you turn on opacity and flow pressure, press lightly and paint into an area, pick the new color and do it again over and over. The brush you use can make things easier or harder to do, though. So try and see how different brushes work for you.

Some people use smudge or the more painterly brush tool, but those sacrifice control for speed. I tried them many times and couldn't get them working in a way I like.

You're going to have to be more specific with what issue you're facing with edges. How to make them technically in PS? How to decide how hard vs soft one should be? etc etc
your stuff is so damn good man,
the painting is pretty awesome, escpecially considering it was your first one ever.

i personaly love to use the smudgetool when it comes to blending, also try to incorporate
the softround brush, you can use the lassotool to create hard edges.
if you re looking for smudgebrushes i can recommend john silva's smudgepack
( )

you can of course also create them yourself which i also recommend, you will learn a lot about photoshop ^^
@Leonard -- why thank you bud! that was so nice of you. :D I'll take a look at the smudgebrushes and see try 'em out!

@thereisnojustice -- Ah, I see! I guess I just felt clumsy during the whole rendering process and wasn't quite sure how to approach blending, but I guess that's something that just comes with time. :P thanks for the tips

@darktiste -- I'll definitely have to be more diligent about proportions! that was so heavily skewed, wow. Thanks for pointing that out!!


Some studies and random imaginary doodles.

As an aside and partially venting: Every now and then, and I'm sure this is probably a common feeling in art, I feel overwhelmingly terrified about improvement. I second guess myself and think I'm incapable of learning art, no matter how much time I put in. That even if I know how to learn, I'll end up repeating mistakes forever. Days like that are the roughest.

Wish I could just shut that part of my brain off! I know it's silly and that hardwork is what really matters in the end.
u have ernd the fedo seel of approval of sheer craziness <3
@Fedodika -- Woo!! 8D <3 thank you and welcome! Ahaha


couple hr figures  and a portrait value study. the lighting for the portrait made this one even harder, I guess.
I noted that you tend to over size some of the feature of the face.The nose and the mouth.Maybe it only the last study can't tell if it a problem you have in general or just on that piece.
@darktiste -- thanks for the critique! I'm working on those problem areas now. :)

Some stuff from earlier today. nose studies, tokoyami reference copies, and then a tokoyami fanart piece.

Still drawing. Gunna do some more faces to apply face studies, figure drawing, and then see if I still have the energy to paint afterwards tonight!
value/plane study of asaro head and drapery studies. more to come.
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