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Full Version: (/ω\) A Little Ghost's Finished Works (/・ω・)/
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Here are a few of the things I've done recently. I'm new here so nice to meet you.
I don't have very good English fonts so I haven't put the comic in English yet. 

[Image: orange_by_ghostnxs-dc8hlg7.jpg]

[Image: lieutenant_sprinkles__by_ghostnxs-dcc4d7t.jpg]

[Image: ice_cream_by_ghostnxs-dcbn61s.jpg]

[Image: this_comic_is_garbage__1_jp_version_by_g...cdsvyo.jpg]
The comic looks really good! I can't read it but it looks great! :)
Just finished this today.

[Image: nope_2018__by_ghostnxs-dcfktgt.jpg]
And thank you JosephCow