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Hey guys! How are you? Here some studies I'm doing this first days of the week. Critiques will be VERY welcome! :D






Post reference or we won't be able to help you fully.
Those are refs from the last post. Some of them are gestures study and the last one is a personal project.
Some new studies. Just keep testing some brushes textures, light and shadow.



Here some production this week, I'm struggling on that elfic thief. I have till monday to finish it...



Omg, I'm struggling with this shit for 8 weeks.... Almost done. This going to be my first portfolio piece, so that's why I'm so patient doing it.

Good sense of form on the elf, good job.
Bluehabit: Thank you man!!!

Here some new things I'm working on. Not so much consistent studies.












Ok, lately I discovered the mixer brush and I'm studying his potential to use on my paintings. You'll see, now on more aplications with colour dinamycs and mixer brushes on my work. Be safe guys!
So, some refinement of some sketches of clouds and some studies.



Thank for the reminder that cloud also absorb yellow light aswell as reflect the ground color in low altitute sometime it good to observe other people work and simply look at what going on to inject to your own work.
Darktiste: Thank you man! I hope that helped you out with some knowledge!
I remember so vividly, doing stacks of pages of these, like these whimsical impressions of an arm. You could probably go back in my early sketchbook and see these "practices" lol.

If you want it straight up here it is.

1. don't paint, in color, until you get drawing locked down solid.
2. If you do shade, have it be minimal, prove it shows an understanding of form. literally, dont spend more than 30 minutes shading anything until youre drawings are very very accurate, else the shading wont help it
3. learn very basic perspective/ ie
4. learn anatomy, prokos great for that, to the point you can draw nice limbs from imagination that would match a realistic chart or photo.
5. practice memory drawing, look at a reference, copy it, hide the reference, do it from memory, check the reference, it forces observation even if very little, youll notice a difference. 

I wasted a whooooole lotta time, visit my sketchbook, doing the stuff youre doing now:

Goofy faces from imagination
Sloppy, aimless drawings from reference drawings from anatomy books
Whimsical studies of limbs
Loose fleeting gesture drawings with no weight or structure
Long painted pieces that have no relation to any studies and have broken structure and gesture
Goofy hour long speed paintings

Find it all in Fedo's house of PAIN
this is a good book on clouds I have in case you want one
Hey guys! Finally some feedbacks!! Hahaa! Good to see you guys!!

Thank you man! I'll keep your advices on my sketchbook! Right now, I'm studying anatomy using the Michael Hampton books series.
I tried drawabox for 1 month and I wasn't prepare to his homeworks and ideas ate the time, so I didn't learned to much.
Loved your number 5 advice! I'll try it sometime.
About this statement, this painting is a piece of a big project of a course that I'm doing about Illustration for Games, I can show you here, the complete process of this piece! "Long painted pieces that have no relation to any studies and have broken structure and gesture". Nevertheless, thank you for your atention and the time spent on my sketchbook! You are VERY welcome man!!! Please, come back more!

Hey man! Welcome!!! Hope you comeback soon!!!!
Did you written this book?
If it is a book of a close look of how clouds works, why not?
Sorry the big gap between posts, but here I go! Some Stuffs I studied and did past weeks.

[BELLOW]  Zorn Palette's study and understanding.

[BELLOW] Croquis Cafe gesture drawings.

[BELLOW] Colour Theory study.

[BELLOW] Not to much expressive gesture drawings.

[BELLOW] Gesture drawings following some guidance of Michael Hampton book (5 minutes).

[BELLOW] Master piece copy of John Singer Sargent portrait.
i like what youre doing so far, one thing id reccomend is taking a picture into photoshop of a figure and trying to find the major construction boxes/cyllinders, using a layer above, to help you start visualizing them. Also if you do gestures, say of the front or profile of the body, try to at least show some volume by using a wrapping contour line to show form, else itll just look flat
Hi guys!!! I'm back!!! At least!!

Thank you man! I'll try yout advices in my next studies! 

So, I'm back after a hiatus of study, I'm so sad with my self, but it's ok. I'll post new studies and what I'm up to.


Matheus Chastinet

Heya thanks for stepping over my SB!
Holy cow! Where's that clothing/wrinkle painting from, did you make it!? Looks like I need it in my life. Those studies also, damn! I need it!!
So what happened, why did you leave? Maybe it's not a topic to touch on. But man, you have everything here going on the right direction, studies, personal pieces, everything looking better as you work on it. Get back in the saddle!
I'm especially liking the horror/sci-fi monsters? They have a really dark souls vibe! I think backgrounds like me, are the bane of your existence! ha ha. We need to work on those! We should pledge each other allegiance on the fight against backgrounds. We will stand atop the defeated carefully textured hill, with dexterous strokes, looking proudly at the golden soft gradients on the sky, through a painterly fog of battle that we just overcame! Are you in!? Ha.
Are you in!?
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